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Editorial Board

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 377 People

Specialty Chief Editors

Lorenza S Colzato

Leiden University


Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: genetic, estrogen, Dopamine, cognitive control, individual differences, Self-construal priming, Self-other integration, SSE, Double-Blind Method,...

Bernhard Hommel

Leiden University

Leiden, Netherlands

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Attention, Perception, Action control, executive functions, Intentions, Attentional Blink, Attitude, Automatism, Awareness, Behavior, Beta Rhythm, Biofeedback,...

Associate Editors

Richard A. Abrams

Washington University

Washington, USA

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Acceleration, Attentional Blink, Awareness, Blinking, Choice Behavior, Color, Color Perception, Contrast Sensitivity, Discrimination (Psychology), Imagination,...

Henk Barendregt

Some extensional term models for combinatory logics and lambda calculi

Utrecht University

Utrecht, Netherlands

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Mind states, Personality trades, Meditation (concentration, Insight), Hypnosis, dissociation, MEG, oscillations, alpha, sensorimotor, mu-rhythm, beamformer,...

Tom Beckers

KU Leuven

Leuven, Belgium

Science> Psychology> Psychopathology

Keywords: Fear and anxiety, Addiction, associative learning, conditioning, causal learning, experimental psychopathology, relapse, C57BL/6 Mice, Exposure therapy,...

Bruno Rafael Bocanegra

Leiden University

Leiden, Netherlands

Science> Psychology> Perception Science

Keywords: emotion, Motor Priming, fearful faces, masking, Perception

Anna M Borghi

University of Bologna & Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, ISTC, Rome

Bologna, Italy

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Embodied and grounded cognition, Categorization, Language grounding, action, Motor cognition, social cognition, affordances, body image, culture,...

Kevin Bradley Clark

Affiliate Faculty

California NanoSystems Institute, University of California Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USA

Science> Microbiology> Systems Microbiology

Keywords: cellular decision making, cellular logic, mate selection, antimicrobials, Biotechnology, learning and memory, Perception, problem solving and logic,...

Sanne De Wit

University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Science> Psychology> Neuropsychology

Keywords: associative learning, goal-directed action, Compulsive Behavior, behavioral neuroscience, culture, Conditioning, Classical, Conditioning, Operant, Cybernetics,...

Andreas B Eder

University of Wuerzburg

Wuerzburg, Germany

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: goal-directed action, automatic evaluation, social cognition, motivation and emotion, approach-avoidance, Unconscious (Psychology), Defense Mechanisms,...

Tobias Egner

Duke University

Durham, NC, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Human Neuroscience

Keywords: brain imaging, Cognitive neuroscience, Attention, cognitive control, Emotion Regulation, working memory, expectation, Conflict (Psychology), priming,...

Kathrin Finke

Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich

Munich, Germany

Science> Psychology> Neuropsychology

Keywords: visual attention, developmental dyslexia, processing speed, Top-down control, visual short term memory, spatial bias, whole- and partial-report task,...

Liz Franz

University of Otago

Dunedin, New Zealand

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Basal Ganglia, focused attention, split-brain, bimanual actions, allocation of attention, mirror neuron system, EEG/ERP, visual perspective,...

Shulan Hsieh

National Cheng Kung University

Tainan, Taiwan

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Buddhism, global precedence, Contingent Negative Variation, Evoked Potentials, Visual, Statistics as Topic, Inhibition (Psychology), Executive Function,...

Mariska Esther Kret

University of amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Science> Psychology> Evolutionary Psychology and Neuroscience

Keywords: Empathy, Oxytocin, Testosterone, threat, social decisions, emotion, gender differences, facial expressions, Dominance, sex differences, bodily expresssions,...

Wilfried Kunde

Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet Wuerzburg

Wuerzburg, Germany

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Adaptation, Psychological, Association Learning, Attitude, Awareness, Behavior, Choice Behavior, Color Perception, Conditioning, Classical,...

Petko Kusev

Kingston University London

London, United Kingdom

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: context, risk, frequencies, Preferences, choices, Cognitive Systems, content, human preferences, Psychological processing, Color Perception, Form Perception,...

Daniel Lakens

Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: concepts, embodiment, Representations, power, Metaphors, polarity correspondence, grounded cognition, power analysis, sample size planning, effect sizes,...

J Toby Mordkoff

University of Iowa

Iowa City, USA

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Information Processing, visual attention, divided attention, selective attention, Lateralized Readiness Potential, Motor-perceptual Interactions,...

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 377 People

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