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Research Topics

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 47 Research Topics

Associations between personality and music: Aptitude, training, and preferences

Topic Editors:
Franziska Degé, Justus-Liebig-University, Germany
E. Glenn Schellenberg, University of Toronto, Canada

Music engages people everywhere and has done so throughout history. Thirty thousand years ago, music played an important role in the lives of Neanderthals, and music...

Deadline for abstract submission: 28 Feb 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 31 May 2015

Reading faces and bodies: behavioural and neural processes underlying the understanding of, and interaction with, others

Topic Editors:
Paola Ricciardelli
Andrew§ P. Bayliss, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Rossana Actis-Grosso, Università degli Studi Milano - Bicocca, Italy

The ability of individuals to understand other people as beings who, like themselves, have intentional and mental states is fundamental to adapt to, and navigate in our...

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Oct 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 30 Apr 2015

Language, Cognition and Gender

Topic Editors:
Jane Oakhill, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Sabine Sczesny, University of Bern, Switzerland
Alan Garnham, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Lisa Von Stockhausen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Gender inequality is still an issue of high relevance in society. Previous research indicates that language contributes to gender inequality in various ways:...

Deadline for abstract submission: 30 Nov 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 31 Mar 2015

Hand and Touch: Evolution, Ability and Preference

Topic Editors:
Miriam Ittyerah, Institute of Communicative and Cognitive Neurosciences, India
Jacqueline Fagard, University Paris Descartes - CNRS, France

Comparing hand preference across manual functions, species and age, is one way to understand the evolution of handedness. Although non-human primates, and to a certain...

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Oct 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 31 Mar 2015

Adaptive hot cognition: How emotion drives information processing and cognition steers affective processing

Topic Editors:
Mariska E. Kret, University of amsterdam, Netherlands
Bruno R. Bocanegra, Leiden University, Netherlands

This research topic is cross-listed in the Frontiers in Psychology section, Emotion Science Influential theories have argued that affective processing is fundamentally...

Deadline for abstract submission: 24 Oct 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 27 Mar 2015

Music Cognition

Topic Editors:
Leonid Perlovsky, Harvard University and Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
Eduardo Coutinho, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Robin W. Wilkins, Joint School for Nanosciecne and Nanoengineering Gateway MRI Center , USA

Music, its power over us, its functions in cognition and behaviour, its origins and evolution remain a scientific mystery. 2400 years ago Aristotle asked, “why music,...

Deadline for abstract submission: 21 Jul 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 01 Mar 2015

Multisensory integration: Brain, body, and the world

Topic Editors:
Magda L. Dumitru, Macquarie University, Australia
Achille Pasqualotto
Andriy Myachykov, Northumbria University, United Kingdom

Behaviour, language, and reasoning are expressions of brain functions par excellence; yet the brain can only draw on sensory modalities to gather information on the rest...

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 Sep 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 15 Feb 2015

Reaching to grasp cognition: analyzing motor behaviour to investigate social interactions

Topic Editors:
Claudia Gianelli, University of Potsdam, Germany
Maurizio Gentilucci, University of Parma, Italy

How humans plan and execute their actions has always been a fascinating topic for neuroscience and psychology. In particular, kinematics studies have contributed to shed...

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 Sep 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 01 Feb 2015

Toward the Biofunctional Embodiment of Understanding

Topic Editors:
Asghar Iran-Nejad, University of Alabama, USA
Behzad Mansouri, The University of Alabama, USA
Franco Zengaro, Delta State University , USA

Like the nonembodied cognitive science of the 1970s, today’s mushrooming embodied cognition has entered the phase of widespread controversy. A close look at the...

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 Sep 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 30 Jan 2015

Decision-making competence: From decision structuring to choice

Topic Editors:
Fabio Del Missier, Department of Life Sciences - University of Trieste, Italy
Wandi Bruine De Bruin, Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom
Andrew M. Parker, RAND Corporation, USA

Throughout their lives, people make decisions that affect their health, careers, finances, and overall well-being. Traditionally, research in psychology and decision...

Deadline for abstract submission: 07 Sep 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 31 Dec 2014

Improving Bayesian Reasoning: What Works and Why?

Topic Editors:
Gorka Navarrete, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
David R. Mandel, DRDC, Toronto Research Centre, Canada

We confess that the first part of our title is somewhat of a misnomer. Bayesian reasoning is a normative approach to probabilistic belief revision and, as such, it is in...

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 Jul 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 15 Dec 2014

The role of the distinctions between identification/production and perceptual/conceptual processes in implicit memory: Findings from cognitive psychology, neuroscience and neuropsychology

Topic Editors:
Pietro Spataro, Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Psychology, Italy
Matthew W. Prull, Whitman College, USA

The distinction between identification and production processes posits that the amount of attentional resources required by implicit memory tasks during the encoding...

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Aug 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 30 Nov 2014

Dynamic of sensori-motor interactions in embodied cognition

Topic Editors:
Guillaume T. Vallet, Centre de recherche de l'Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal, Canada
Benoit Riou, Université Lyon 2, Laboratoire EMC, France
Lionel Brunel, Université Paul Valery, France
Nicolas Vermeulen, Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY), Belgium

We interact with our environment through perception and action. Perception is based on sensory components while actions are based on motor components. It is commonly...

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Jul 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 30 Nov 2014

Impact of Context on Category-Learning

Topic Editors:
Rubi Hammer, Northwestern University, USA
Vladimir Sloutsky, The Ohio State University, USA

Category-Learning (CL) is a cognitive process allowing to acquire, based on few experiences, generalized and abstracted mental representations of objects or events. Being...

Deadline for abstract submission: 01 Sep 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 01 Nov 2014

Causal discovery and generalization

Topic Editors:
Mimi Liljeholm, University of California, Irvine, USA
Marc J. Buehner, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

The fundamental problem of how causal relationships can be induced from noncausal observations has been pondered by philosophers for centuries, is at the heart of...

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Mar 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 30 Jun 2014

Extended deadline for full article submission: 31 Oct 2014

Mechanisms of well-adjusted and disordered self-soothing: From Oxytocin and Thermo-Regulation to Addiction and Emotional Coping

Topic Editors:
Mattie Tops, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hans IJzerman, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Femke Buisman-Pijlman, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Sander Koole, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Various psychiatric disorders are associated with dysfunctional patterns in self-soothing and comforting behaviors. For instance, atypical depression and binge eating...

Deadline for abstract submission: 01 Oct 2013

Deadline for full article submission: 30 Sep 2014

Neuroimaging and Neuropsychology of Meditation states

Topic Editors:
Barbara Tomasino, University of Udine, Italy
Franco Fabbro, University of Udine (Italy), Italy

One way of training cognitive functions and triggering plasticity can be through exercising meditation (Barinaga, 2003; Knight, 2004). Accordingly, it has been shown that...

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Jul 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 26 Sep 2014

Theories of Visual Attention - linking cognition, neuropsychology, and neurophysiology

Topic Editors:
Søren Kyllingsbæk, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Signe A. Vangkilde, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Claus Bundesen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Neural Theory of Visual Attention of Bundesen, Habekost, and Kyllingsbæk (2005) was proposed as a neural interpretation of Bundesen’s (1990) theory of visual...

Submission Closed.

Is Conflict Adaptation an Illusion?

Topic Editors:
James R. Schmidt, Ghent University, Belgium
Wim Notebaert, Ghent University, Belgium
Eva Van Den Bussche, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Conflict adaptation theory is one of the most popular theories in cognitive psychology. The theory argues that participants strategically modulate attention away from...

Submission Closed.

Psychological perspectives on expertise

Topic Editors:
Guillermo Campitelli, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Michael H. Connors, Macquarie University, Australia
Merim Bilalic, Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt, Austria
David Z. Hambrick, Michigan State University, USA

Experts are persons who are very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area. The aim of this Research Topic is to advance knowledge in the understanding of the...

Submission Closed.

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 47 Research Topics

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