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Editorial Board

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 163 People

Specialty Chief Editor

Jason W Osborne

Chair and Professor

University of Louisville

Louisville, USA

Science> Psychology> Quantitative Psychology and Measurement

Keywords: Evaluation, statistics, best practices, rasch measurement, self concept and motivation, social justice and stereotype threat, stereotype Threat, self concept,...

Associate Editors

Alessandro Antonietti

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Milano, Italy

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Cognition, Thinking, Learning, Problem Solving, Decision Making, creativity, Music, mind-body problem, metacognition, teachers, primary school,...

Roger Azevedo

McGill University

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sophie Berjot

University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Reims, France

Science> Psychology> Social Psychology

Keywords: Stress and Coping, Appraisals, Identity, self / Self-esteem, stereotype Threat, Scale validation Motivation, goals, Models, Psychological, stereotyping,...

David Berliner

Arizona State University

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Jesus de la Fuente

University of Almería

Almeria, Spain

Science> Psychology> Educational Psychology

Keywords: Self-Regulation Learning, Motivation and Affectives Process, Teaching & Learning Process, higher education, Professional Competences of Psychologist,...

Howard Thomas Everson

City University of New York

New York City, USA

Science> Psychology> Educational Psychology

Keywords: Cognition, assessment


University of Houston

Houston, USA

David Felton

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, USA

Ying Guo

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH, USA

Science> Psychology> Educational Psychology

Keywords: Teacher Quality, classroom Dynamics facilitating children's development, Children's language, literacy and early reaidng development, quantitative method,...

Ann X. Huang

Duquesne University

Pittsburgh, USA

Science> Psychology> Educational Psychology

Keywords: Behavior, Learning, Learning Disabilities and EmotionaL/Behavioral Disorders), autism, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Response to Intervention,...

Jason C. Immekus

University of Louisville

Louisville, USA

Humanities and Social Sciences> Test Field> Test Specialty

Keywords: Depressive Disorder, Major, Psychometrics, Quantitative Methods, Test Development, Mental Disorders, Personality Inventory, item response theory,...

Layne Kalbfleisch

George Mason University

Fairfax,, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: Color Perception, heuristic processing, event-related functional MRI, matrix reasoning, relational complexity, visual contrast

Douglas Kauffman

Univesity of Nebraska-LIncoln

Lincoln, USA

Gregory Arief D Liem

The University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Science> Psychology> Educational Psychology

Keywords: Motivation, culture, Achievement, Learning, engagement, Values, beliefs, New South Wales, Social Identification, gender identity, self concept, Peer Group,...

Steve Myran

Educational Leadership

Old Dominion University

Norfolk, USA

Society> Education> Educational Administration

Keywords: Leadership Preparation

Lynne D. Roberts

Curtin University

Perth, Australia

Science> Psychology> Quantitative Psychology and Measurement

Keywords: pedagogy, Research Methods, public attitudes, Psychology, Teaching and Learning, measure development, mixed methods research, Higher Education Research,...

Mark A Runco

University of Georgia, athens

Athens, USA

Science> Psychology> Cognition

Keywords: Thinking, Creativeness, Problem Solving, Psychological Theory, Literature, Modern, Poetry as Topic, Suicide, Writing, Famous Persons, History, 20th Century,...

Carl Senior

Aston University

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Science> Psychology> Cognitive Science

Keywords: social cognitive neuroscience, face perception, organisational psychology, Commercial Video Games, COTS, DGBL, Digital, Digital Game Based Learning, Edutainment,...

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 163 People

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