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Frontiers wins the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing

Frontiers has won the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing in recognition of its Open-Science platform that provides open-access academic publishing and research networking for researchers.

The prestigious award acknowledges the best innovators in the scholarly publishing industry and Frontiers received the top Gold prize at the awards ceremony in London, UK.


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Invading the Mediterranean Sea: biodiversity patterns shaped by human activities

Human activities, such as shipping, aquaculture, and the opening of the Suez Canal, have led to the introduction of nearly 1,000 alien species into the Mediterranean Sea. We investigated how human activities, by providing pathways for...


Culture’s building blocks: investigating cultural evolution in a LEGO construction task

Natural selection has proven to be a uniquely successful scientific paradigm. By identifying the basic processes through which organisms change, Darwin established a research program that has not only revolutionized the study of life, but has provided...


Common familial effects on ischemic stroke and myocardial infarction

Ischemic stroke (IS) and myocardial infarction (MI) both being diseases of vascular nature have overlapping risk factors. There is also evidence that IS and MI shares some genetic determinants, but the full extent of this overlap is unknown. Several studies in first-degree relatives have...


Mitochondria: the cell powerhouse and nexus of stress

Mitochondrion, a sub-cellular organelle originated from primary endosymbiosis, plays a vital role in energy metabolism of eukaryotic cells. The transfer of electrons through the electron transport chain to molecular oxygen accompanied by the extrusion of protons...


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Wet and Dry periods in regions surrounding the Atlantic Ocean basin

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