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Research Topic

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Epigenetic Mechanisms in Invertebrates

SpecialTopic Image

Topic Editors:

Mackenzie Gavery, University of Washington, USA
Steven Roberts, University of Washington, USA

Submission Closed.

The study of epigenetics is providing remarkable insight into gene regulation and the complex mechanisms associated with phenotypic variation and the response to environmental stressors. Epigenetic mechanisms and function can vary tremendously across evolutionary lineages. For instance, DNA methylation is present in species from prokaryotes to humans, however there is dramatic diversity in characteristics - from species where this phenomenon is absent, to cases where the genome is globally methylated. Although epigenetic processes are considered ancient mechanisms, the role and evolutionary significance of these processes are not fully understood, particularly in invertebrate species. This research topic will explore all aspects of epigenetics as it pertains to invertebrates including articles that characterize molecular processes, the relationship of epigenetics and phenotype, as well as ecological topics.

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