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Open access & Publishing fees

Open Access provides free, unrestricted online access to the scholarly literature to anyone in the world. At Frontiers, we are convinced that everyone - not only scientists - can benefit from research results, and we publish all our articles exclusively as open access documents, with a Creative Commons attribution license agreement (CC-BY). Readers have the right to use, distribute, and reproduce in any medium, provided the source is properly cited.

If you would like to learn more about open access, we encourage you to watch the video on the right side, or read some of the great resources provided by Peter Suber or the Budapest Open Access Initiative in 2002.

Like most other gold open-access publishers, Frontiers maintains our high quality of service through an 'author-pay' model. As such, manuscripts that are accepted for publication following peer review may incur a publishing fee, depending on the article type.


Frontiers strives to ensure that publishing fees are not an obstacle to publication. Article publishing fees enable us to cover the costs associated with editing, type-setting, storing, tier-climbing and archiving of the article, as well as maintaining the most advanced peer-reviewed platform in online publishing, and our office in Switzerland. Finally, overall publishing fees also cover our low-income fee waiver program (see below).

There are no hidden costs at Frontiers. There is no additional charge for colour figures - which can cost up to US$500 -1000 per figure in many subscription-based journals - or for supplementary material.

Please consult the table below for information on Frontiers article publishing fees and refer to our article types page for details on the specific article descriptions and their respective fees.

Fee Category1 Article Publishing Fees
A  US$ 1900
B  US$ 875
C  US$ 250
Additional considerations Reduction2
When Research Topic submission 25% discount on fee Category A
When Corresponding author is a Frontiers Chief, Associate or Review Editor 25% discount on fee Category A
Institutional agreements Fees fully or partially covered per specific agreement3

1. Please refer to the Article types page for each Frontiers journal to discover the category applicable for each article type.
2. Editors and Research Topic reductions are non-cumulative
3. Please refer to the Frontiers Institutional Plans section below

The fees above are valid for articles submitted on - or after - February 1, 2015. Article publishing fees may be subject to periodic revisions. The fee applied is the one valid at time of article submission.

Category A covers: Original Research, Hypothesis and Theory, Technology Report, Methods, Review, Clinical Trial, Clinical Case Study, Classification, Grand Rounds, Mechanisms of Disease Reviews.
Category B covers: Mini Review, Perspective, CPC, Evaluation, Case Report, Images in Medicine.
Category C covers: Data Report, Opinion.
Category D covers: Editorial, Book Review, General Commentary, Editorial Commentary.

Frontiers Institutional Plans

Frontiers is working with libraries, funding agencies, and research consortia to find ways to support researchers directly. These relationships enable us to remove some or all of the responsibility for article publishing fees from individual authors. Learn about Frontiers Institutional Plans and how these can facilitate the payment of Article Publishing Fees by clicking here.

You can find additional information about research funders and institutions that fund open access in our Help Center.

Frontiers Waivers

Frontiers is always eager to consider solutions for any barriers to publication. In cases where authors genuinely do not have the means to pay our publishing fees, they can apply for full or partial waivers depending on the financial capability of the corresponding author of the paper. Priority is given to lower income countries, but individual limiting factors affecting the corresponding author are also taken into account. Low income countries are determined based on the following guidelines:


Please email your application to waivers@frontiersin.org, and allow up to a week for Frontiers to review and reply to your request. Authors wishing to apply must do so before, or immediately after, their article is submitted.

What do the fees cover?

  • Frontiers continuously upgrades its IT platform with new functionalities and services for academic publishing.

  • Frontiers covers the publishing costs of all tier-rising articles as well as the processing costs of rejected articles.

  • Frontiers employs professional editors to format your manuscript and produce the highest quality HTML and PDF.

  • Frontiers employs XML editors to make your article PubMed-compatible and submits your article to PubMed Central for indexing (for relevant journals); furthermore, Frontiers submits your article to citation tracking databases, such as Google Scholar, so that the citation impact of your article can be fully tracked.

  • Frontiers provides secure servers, and server technology for electronic publication and permanent storage of your articles.

  • Frontiers promotes free dissemination of research and subsidizes publishing costs for those authors who cannot afford the publishing fees.

  • Frontiers awards annual honoraria to chief editors at threshold levels of success of their journals.

  • Frontiers maintains a dynamic and professional team to support all your editorial, IT and typesetting needs.


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