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Frontiers in Medicine completes the spectrum of the “Frontiers in” branded medical journals, offering authors a comprehensive suite in which to publish peer-reviewed scientific investigations and research of the highest quality relevant to the diagnosis, treatment or pathogenesis of disease, with the goal of understanding disease processes and improving medical practice and patient care.

The Specialty Chief Editors (SCE) of Frontiers in Medicine will work closely with the Field Chief Editors (FCE) of our other medical Field Journals:

Peter van de Kerkhof

Radboud University

SCE, Dermatology

Jeff Holly

University of Bristol

FCE, Frontiers in Endocrinology

Derek LeRoith

Mt Sinai School of Medicine

FCE, Frontiers in Endocrinology

Govind Makharia

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

SCE, Gastroenterology

Ole Haagen Nielsen

University of Copenhagen

SCE, Gastroenterology

Arduino Mangoni

Flinders University

SCE, Geriatric Medicine

Alvin Schmaier

Case Western Reserve University

SCE, Hematology

Kendall Smith

Cornell University

FCE, Frontiers in Immunology

Jos Van Der Meer

Radboud University

SCE, Infectious Diseases

Jose Biller

Loyola University Medical Center

FCE, Frontiers in Neurology

How-Ran Guo

National Cheng Kung University

SCE, Occupational Health and Safety

Giuseppe Giaccone

Georgetown University

FCE, Frontiers in Oncology

Luigi Terracciano

University Hospital Basel

SCE, Pathology

Antonio Corno

University Sains Malaysia

FCE, Frontiers in Pediatrics

Joav Merrick

Ministry of Social Affairs, Israel

FCE, Frontiers in Public Health

Laurent Nicod

University Hospital Lausanne

SCE, Pulmonary Medicine

Anselm Mak

National University of Singapore

SCE, Rheumatology


Short Name: Front. Med.

Abbreviation: FMED

Electronic ISSN: 2296-858X

Indexed in: coming soon

PMCID: coming soon for all published articles

Mission Statement

The Editors of Frontiers in Medicine encourage submission of original research articles (clinical or preclinical), case reports, reviews in medicine, mechanisms of disease reviews, editorial commentaries, and letters to the Editor. Submissions related to medical education or future development of medicine may also be considered. Preclinical studies may be submitted as long as they relate to new understandings of pathogenic mechanisms or novel therapeutic approaches relevant to human disease.

Manuscripts reporting results from clinical investigations, including phase I-III trials, population studies, case reports, preclinical studies, as work from related areas such as physiology, pathophysiology, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, as well as basic and clinical pharmacology are welcome.

Frontiers in Medicine joins the well established domain of medical publishing at Frontiers, which publishes Field journals in Endocrinology, Immunology, Neurology, Oncology, Surgery, and Public Health. To provide an overview of this coverage, the alphabetical listing below conveniently provides links to both Specialty Sections in Frontiers in Medicine (FIM) alongside links to relevant medical Field Journals:

  • Cardiovascular Medicine - Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine – coming in 2014
  • Dermatology (FIM)
  • Endocrinology – Frontiers in Endocrinology
  • Family Medicine (FIM) – coming in 2014
  • Gastroenterology (FIM)
  • Geriatric Medicine (FIM)
  • Hematology (FIM)
  • Immunology – Frontiers in Immunology
  • Infectious Diseases (FIM)
  • Nuclear Medicine (FIM) - coming in 2014
  • Occupational Health and Safety (FIM)
  • Pathology (FIM)
  • Pediatrics - Frontiers in Pediatrics
  • Public Health - Frontiers in Public Health
  • Pulmonary Medicine (FIM)
  • Rheumatology (FIM)
  • Nephrology (FIM) – coming in 2014
  • Neurology – Frontiers in Neurology
  • Oncology – Frontiers in Oncology
  • Surgery - Frontiers in Surgery

  • All manuscripts submitted to the Frontiers in Medicine journals that have been conducted in human subjects must conform with current regulations and the Declaration of Helsinki, The World Medical Association 1964 (revised 2013). All research submitted to the Frontiers in Medicine journals must be novel and not under consideration or published elsewhere, except in abstract form. All manuscripts must be in agreement with the recommendations set out by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), which Frontiers has recently joined. These recommendations are now also part of Frontiers publishing policy. Authors are required to disclose all apparent of potential conflicts of interest according to the ICMJE guidelines and those of Frontiers.

    Manuscripts submitted to any of the Frontiers in Medicine journals will be assigned to a handling Editor (usually an Associate Editor of the journal) who will oversee the entire review process and is responsible for all editorial decisions regarding the manuscript. The Editors of Frontiers in Medicine will critically oversee articles accepted and published in the journal and that reviews and decisions are performed independently and without conflicts of interest. Authors will be able to actively participate in the review process by interacting directly with the reviewers, a unique feature of for all Frontiers journals allowing full transparency of the review process. Authors will be provided with sufficient time for revisions in order to bring their manuscript into a scientifically acceptable form. Acceptance or rejection will be based on the scientific validity, novelty, and priority of the research and adherence to ethical and publishing standards. Authors will retain all copyrights to their article published in Frontiers.

    All articles published in the specialty sections above will be subject to the Frontiers evaluation system after online publication. Authors of published original research in Frontiers in Medicine with the highest impact, may be invited by the Editors to write a Focused Review. Focused Reviews are centered on the original report and relevance of the findings for medical diagnosis and treatment, or mechanism of disease.

Open Access Statement

Frontiers’ philosophy is that all research is for the benefit of humankind. Research is the product of an investment by society and therefore its fruits should be returned to all people without borders or discrimination, serving society universally and in a transparent fashion.

That is why Frontiers provides online free and open access to all of its research publications. For more information on open access click here.

Copyright Statement

Under the Frontiers Conditions for Website Use and the Frontiers General Conditions for Authors, authors of articles published in Frontiers journals retain copyright on their articles, except for any third-party images and other materials added by Frontiers, which are subject to copyright of their respective owners. Authors are therefore free to disseminate and re-publish their articles, subject to any requirements of third-party copyright owners and subject to the original publication being fully cited. Visitors may also download and forward articles subject to the citation requirements and subject to any fees Frontiers may charge for downloading licenses. The ability to copy, download, forward or otherwise distribute any materials is always subject to any copyright notices displayed. Copyright notices must be displayed prominently and may not be obliterated, deleted or hidden, totally or partially. A charge may be made for some facilities (such as downloading of e-magazines), where stated.


Each Frontiers article is a landmark of the highest quality, thanks to genuinely collaborative interactions between authors and review editors, who include some of the world's best academicians. Frontiers is well aware of the potential impact of published research both on future research and on society and, hence, does not support superficial review, light review or no-review publishing models. Research must be certified by peers before entering a stream of knowledge that may eventually reach the public - and shape society. Therefore, Frontiers only applies the most rigorous and unbiased reviews, established in the high standards of the Frontiers Review System. Furthermore, only the top certified research, evaluated through the democratic Frontiers Evaluation System, is disseminated to increasingly wider communities as it gradually climbs the tiers of the Frontiers Tiering System from specialized expert readership towards public understanding.


Frontiers Editorial Office

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