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Research Topic

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Python in neuroscience

Topic Editors:

Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Michael Hines, Yale University, USA
Rolf Kötter, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
Markus Diesmann, Jülich Research Centre and JARA, Germany
Andrew P. Davison, CNRS, France
Eilif B. Muller, Blue Brain Project, EPFL, Switzerland
James A. Bednar, The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Submission Closed.

Python is rapidly becoming the de facto standard language for systems integration. Python has a large user and developer-base external to the neuroscience community, and a vast module library that facilitates rapid and maintainable development of complex and intricate systems.

In this Research Topic, we highlight recent efforts to develop Python modules for the domain of neuroscience software and neuroinformatics:

- simulators and simulator interfaces
- data collection and analysis
- sharing, re-use, storage and databasing of models and data
- stimulus generation
- parameter search and optimization
- visualization
- VLSI hardware interfacing

Moreover, we seek to provide a representative overview of existing mature Python modules for neuroscience and neuroinformatics, to demonstrate a critical mass and show that Python is an appropriate choice of interpreter interface for future neuroscience software development.

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