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Editorial Board

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 79 People

Specialty Chief Editors

Niels Birbaumer

University of Tuebingen

Tuebingen, Germany

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Aggression, Alpha Rhythm, Amides, Amputation, Traumatic, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Anesthetics, Local, Anger, Appetite, Aptitude, Autistic Disorder,...

Eilon Vaadia

The Hebrew University

Jerusalem, Israel

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: adaptation, interference, motor control, consolidation, arm-reaching movements, force field, online adaptation, Over-trial Learning, visuomotor learning,...

Associate Editors

Leonardo G Cohen


Bethesda, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: magnetic stimulation, Motor Cortex, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, stoke patients, primary motor cortex, mootor function, Evoked Potentials,...

Emanuel Donchin

University of South Florida

Tampa, FL, USA

John P. Donoghue

Brown University

Providence, RI, USA

Eberhard E Fetz

University of Washington

Seattle, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Art, Rhythm, beta, Vision, electrocorticography, neural, aesthetic, broadband, collage, nested oscillation, occipital cortex, phase-amplitude coupling,...

Herta Flor

Central Institute of Mental Health

Mannheim, Germany

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Pain, neuroplasticity, Memory, Mental Disorders, Fear, associative learning, Long-term memory, brain connectivity, EEG-fMRI, retrieval,...

Cuntai Guan

Institute for Infocomm Research

Singapore, Singapore

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Brain-computer interface, Neuro-Rehabilitation, Stroke, ADHD, Epilepsy, Motor Imagery, Bayesian classification, Electroencephalogram, Feature Selection,...

Nicholas Hatsopoulos

University of Chicago

Chicago, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: power-law, self-organization, Criticality, Complexity, Brain Dynamics, scale invariance, nonhuman primate, propagating waves, Human subject,...

José del R Millán

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Academies and Institutes, Artificial Limbs, Biomedical Engineering, Biometry, Biotechnology, Communication Aids for Disabled, Contingent Negative Variation,...

Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi

Northwestern University/Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Chicago, IL, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Neurorobotics

Keywords: neural plasticity, Lamprey, dynamical system, Brain‐machine interface, closed-loop system, dynamical dimension, lamprey brainstem, simulated dynamical device,...

Gert Pfurtscheller

Graz University of Technology

Graz, Austria

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: BCI, Brain-computer interface, competition, challenge, event-related desynchronisation, hybrid BCI, spinal cord injury (SCI), Motor Imagery, SSVEP,...

Sara A Solla

Northwestern University

Evanston, USA

Science> Neuroscience> Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: plasticity, functional connectivity, computational neuroscience, Hebbian conditioning, Intracortical microstimulation

Guest Associate Editors

Chrystalina A Antoniades

University of Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

Science> Neuroscience> Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: Parkinson's disease, Saccadic eye movements, manual reaction times, Evoked motor response, Fingers, Huntington Disease, Monitoring, Physiologic, Motor Skills,...

Benjamin Blankertz

Technische Universität Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Keywords: BCI, Brain-computer interface, competition, Mental State Monitoring, challenge, Decoding of Mental States, framework, N200, spatial auditory attention,...

Paolo Bonifazi

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel

Science> Neuroscience> Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: Ataxia Telangiectasia, Reactive astrocytes, DNA damage response, neuro-astr-vascular unit, Whole Brain, lesioned circuits, in silico neuronal circuit,...

Science> Psychology

Keywords: BCI, mental state detection, visuomotor control, Visual Perception, Facial Expression, Task Performance and Analysis, Field Dependence-Independence,...

Displaying 1 - 20 out of 79 People

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