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View Some Authors

Displaying 1 - 25 out of 557 People

Carsten Mehring  

University of Freiburg

Science > Neuroscience > Computational Neuroscience

Keywords: Chromatin, Chromosomes, Communication Aids for Disabled, Concept Formation, Cortical Synchronization, Electrodes, Implanted, Electrodiagnosis, Evoked Potentials,...

Marcus Kaiser  

Newcastle University

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroinformatics

Keywords: Network analysis, Computational Neuroanatomy, Network development, Data Interpretation, Statistical, Neural Networks (Computer), Brain Damage, Chronic,...

Ricardo Chavarriaga  

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: Brain Computer Interfaces, Bio-Inspired robotics, neuroprostheses, machine learning, EEG, self-paced protocol, Bayes Theorem, Models, Psychological,...

Sylvie Renaud  

University of Bordeaux

Talence, France

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: Wavelet Transform, spiking neurons, circuit, Spike Detection, integrate and fire, action potential, adaptive exponential, analog VLSI, conductance based,...

Jonathan C Tapson  

Western Sydney University

Sydney, Australia

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: neuromorphic engineering, Smart sensors and Networks, Neural feedback systems, Bioinspired Robots, Markov Chains, Particle size, Neural Networks (Computer),...

Takashi Kohno  

University of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Science > Neuroscience > Neuromorphic Engineering

Keywords: Silicon neuron, neuromorphic system, neuron models, neuron model, Digital neural network, Associative Memory, FPGA, synchrony, Silicon neurons, silicon synapse,...

Maria V Sanchez-Vives  

Consorci Institut D'Investigacions Biomediques August Pi I Sunyer

Barcelona, Spain

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Acetazolamide, Adaptation, Ocular, Anesthetics, Anticonvulsants, Auditory Cortex, Auditory Pathways, Baclofen, Bicuculline, Biological Clocks, Body Temperature,...

Shimon Marom  

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Science > Physiology > Biophysics

Keywords: Physiology, excitability, neural networks, Critical Neuroscience, Bicuculline, response variability, APV, excitation-inhibition balance,...

Giacomo Indiveri  

ETH Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Science > Neuroscience > Neuromorphic Engineering

Keywords: neuromorphic VLSI, Silicon neurons, Spike-based plasticity, STDP, stochastic learning, selective attention, Cortical Circuits,...

Yves Frégnac  

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Science > Neuroscience > Neural Circuits

Keywords: Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging, adult plasticity, functional connectivity, Correlation, V1, intracellular, primary visual cortex, Hebb, horizontal propagation,...

Christoph Guger  

Chief Executive Officer

Guger Technologies OEG, g.tec medical engineering GmbH, g.tec neurotechnology USA Inc.

Graz, Austria

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroengineering

Keywords: BCI, Brain-computer interface, real-time analysis, biosignals, spikes, Place Cells, ECoG, EEG, Motor Imagery, P300, high altitude medicine, altitude,...

William Lytton  

SUNY Downstate Medical Center


Science > Neuroscience > Computational Neuroscience

Keywords: Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Brain Waves, CA1, Information Processing, detailed neuronal models, gamma oscilations, Neocortex, computational neuroscience,...

Danny Eytan  

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa, Israel

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroengineering

Keywords: network biology, Learning, adaptation, representation, ex-vivo networks, cortical networks, network plasticity, reverse engineering, Braitenberg vehicle,...

Brendan Z Allison  

University of California, San Diego

La Jolla, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: Brain Computer Interface, BCI, P300, Motor Imagery, SSVEP, brain-computer interface (BCI), machine interface (BMI), steady state visual evoked potential,...

José del R Millán  

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Academies and Institutes, Artificial Limbs, Biomedical Engineering, Biometry, Biotechnology, Communication Aids for Disabled, Contingent Negative Variation,...

Cyriel Pennartz  

University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Nucleus Accumbens, decision-making, BCI, risk, Brain-computer interface, neuroeconomics, spatial navigation, BXD, memory consolidation,...

Amir Karniel  

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Beersheba, Israel

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: Adaptation, Psychological, Cerebral Palsy, Lifting, Motor Skills, Muscle Strength, Proprioception, Time Perception, reaching movements, force perturbations,...

Richard A. Normann  

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroengineering

Keywords: Neurosurgery, in vivo recording, Neural Prosthesis, Biocompatibility, intracortical microelectrode, Neuroprosthesis, peripheral nerve, closed-loop control,...

Giancarlo Ferrigno  

Polytechnic University of Milan

Milano, Italy

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroengineering

Keywords: neuroengineering, Neuronavigation, Phantoms, Imaging, Robotics, Models, Anatomic, Dystonic Disorders, Kinesthesis, Motor Skills, Age of Onset, handwriting,...

Niels Birbaumer  

University of Tübingen

Tuebingen, Germany

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Aggression, Alpha Rhythm, Amides, Amputation, Traumatic, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Anesthetics, Local, Anger, Appetite, Aptitude, Autistic Disorder,...

Eberhard E Fetz  

University of Washington

Seattle, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: Art, beta, Vision, electrocorticography, neural, aesthetic, collage, Brain Computer Interface, local field potential, monkey, Artificial neural connection,...

Gert Pfurtscheller  

Graz University of Technology

Graz, Austria

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: BCI, Brain-computer interface, competition, challenge, event-related desynchronisation, hybrid BCI, spinal cord injury (SCI), Motor Imagery, SSVEP,...

Clemens Brunner  

University of Graz

Graz, Austria

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Alpha Rhythm, Austria, Beta Rhythm, Biological Clocks, Communication Aids for Disabled, Computer Peripherals, Cortical Synchronization, Diagnosis,...

Febo Cincotti  

Fondazione Santa Lucia (IRCCS)

Rome, Italy

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Activities of Daily Living, Advertising as Topic, Alcohol Drinking, Alpha Rhythm, Attitude, Autonomic Nervous System, Beer, Behavior, Biofeedback, Psychology,...

Rolando Grave De Peralta Menendez  

Geneva Electrical Neuroimaging Group

Geneva, Switzerland

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroprosthetics

Keywords: Numerical Methods & Statistics, EEG MEG source localization, Brain Computer Interface, decoding electrophysiological signals,...

Displaying 1 - 25 out of 557 People

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