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Research Topic

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Dynamical Models in Plant Genetics and Morphogenesis (Frontiers in Plant Evolution and Development)

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Topic Editors:

Mariana Benítez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico
Anne Sylvester, University of Wyoming, USA

Submission Closed.

Combining mathematical and computational formalisms with the diverse data currently available has have become necessary, and has started to enable empirically-grounded dynamical models in plant genetics and morphogenesis. These models have already helped uncover some of the complex processes that lie behind gene regulation and pattern formation in plants, identifying experimental holes, yielding testable predictions and suggesting new informative experiments that input experimental work. Yet, as a valuable and integrative approach, joint theoretical and experimental studies have opened new avenues in research and presented some important challenges still to be met. Such challenges include, for example, assessing the scope of the diverse modeling frameworks and performing evolutionary studies by comparatively analyzing the dynamic properties of diverse plant systems. Moreover, further enabling a constant feedback between modeling and experimental projects will be central for a better understanding of genotype-phenotype mapping and the evolution of plant phenotypes. Thus, this Research Topic aims at integrating contributions that are representative of different modeling approaches and critically discussing the scope of the modeling methods, as well as the molecular or cellular experimental approaches needed to feedback to the models. It also has the objective of identifying main achievements and unsolved issues in the field, propose new approaches, as well as to put forward dynamic modeling as a way to establish potential bridges between currently unarticulated research programs in Plant Science. We therefore welcome the community to participate in the delineation of such a panoramic picture of the field by submitting an abstract proposal. Since this field is largely interdisciplinary, we encourage the participation of researches and groups with different backgrounds.

This topic is also being hosted in Frontiers in Plant Genetics and Genomics to ensure a wide range of contributions.

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