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Research Topic

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Sugar Signaling and Sensing in Plants

SpecialTopic Image

Topic Editors:

Sjef Smeekens, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Hanjo A. Hellmann, Washington State University, USA

Submission Closed.

Sugars play a fundamental and central role in the general metabolism of plant cells. Their production and utilization is highly regulated by environmental cues such as light, circadian rhythm, or stress, as well as by internal factors such as photosynthesis, phytohormones, transport
capacities, and metabolic fluxes in general. In addition, carbohydrates are long known to function directly as signaling molecules that are perceived by and affect multiple aspects within the cell.

Although the importance of carbohydrates for plant development, physiology and biochemistry is well established, the underlying regulatory mechanisms how plants actually sense, transmit, and orchestrate carbohydrate availability within the cell and throughout the
organism are still poorly understood. In an environment that is predicted to globally change, understanding in detail how sugar metabolism is coordinated by plants and how sugars are used as metabolic and regulatory signals may become critical for optimizing crop plants to increase resistance to stressful growth conditions.

We welcome all types of articles on subjects that shed new light on sugar sensing and signaling in plants, and how sugar metabolism is regulated in interplay with external and internal factors.

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