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Research Topic

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Plant Proteomic Resources

SpecialTopic Image

Topic Editors:

Hiren J. Joshi, Copenhagen Center For Glycomics, Denmark
Andrew W. Carroll, Department of Biology, Stanford University, USA
Joshua L. Heazlewood, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Submission Closed.

The past decade has seen the field of proteomics move from a highly specialized research area to a conventional technique readily employed by plant biologists. The approach is now used widely to complement basic molecular and biochemical approaches. This includes basic protein identification, functional characterization, comparative approaches and large-scale studies. The result has been an abundance of proteomics data which is often not readily accessible and is either locked away as supplementary material or unavailable. These data management issues have resulted in the production of a number of plant proteomics resources (boutique databases) created by plant proteomics researchers for both data management and to make the information available to the community. These databases contain an abundance of information for plant researchers but there is a lack of knowledge concerning their existence, specifics regarding their contents and how to best utilize these resources. The intention of this Research Topic is to create a collection of articles (Mini Reviews) providing an overview of plant proteomic databases and resources with information for users on features and how best to utilize these resources.

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