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Foundations for a new science of learning.

Human learning is distinguished by the range and complexity of skills that can be learned and the degree of abstraction that ... Andrew N Meltzoff, Patricia K Kuhl, Javier Movellan, Terrence J Sejnowski ...

Toward practical smile detection.

Machine learning approaches have produced some of the highest reported performances for facial expression recognition ... Jacob Whitehill, Gwen Littlewort, Ian Fasel, Marian Bartlett, Javier Movellan ...

Rethinking Motor Development and Learning

I. INTRODUCTION A. Goals Sensorimotor systems generate movements that are compliant and non-repeatable, yet remarkably well-adapted to an unstru..

Spike count distributions, factorizability, and contextual effects in area V1.

Neural models of contextual integration typically incorporate a mean firing rate representation. We ... Odelia Schwartz, Javier R Movellan, Thomas Wachtler, Thomas D Albright, Terrence J Sejnowski ...

Displaying 1 - 4 out of 4 Search Results