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Research Topic

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Augmentation of Brain Function: Facts, Fiction and Controversy

Topic Editors:

Mikhail Lebedev, Duke University, USA
Ioan Opris, Wake Forest University, USA
Manuel Casanova, University of Louisville, USA

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 Oct 2014

Deadline for full article submission: 01 Nov 2014

Augmentation of brain function is no longer just a theme of science fiction. Due to advances in neural sciences, it has become a matter of reality that a person may consider at some point in life, for example as a treatment of a neurodegenerative disease. Currently, several approaches offer enhancements for sensory, motor and cognitive brain functions, as well as for mood and emotions. Such enhancements may be achieved pharmacologically, using brain implants for recordings, stimulation and drug delivery, by employing brain-machine interfaces, or even by ablation of certain brain areas.

In this Research Topic, we welcome papers critically evaluating the existing methods of brain augmentation, introducing new approaches and probing particular parts of brain circuitry and particular neuronal mechanisms as candidates for an enhancement. We welcome scientists from different fields: from neuroscience of microcircuits to systems neuroscience of large-scale networks and neural engineering. The work can be experimental or computational. Reviews and papers on philosophical and ethical issues are also welcome.

While the scope of possible relevant topics is broad, the authors are encouraged to clearly indicate how their studies address the announced theme of brain augmentation.

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