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Evaluation System

Evaluation System

Democratic evaluation of the most outstanding research at Frontiers

Frontiers is introducing a truly innovative feature to democratically judge the readers’ interests in academic publishing: the Frontiers Evaluation System.

Following article acceptance by the Frontiers Review System and publication in one of the journals in the Frontiers Journal Series, advanced internet analytics automatically track down every article’s views and downloads: over the course of 3 months, the Frontiers platform analyzes the reading activity on an article based on the inputs of the entire Frontiers Community.

The Frontiers Evaluation System enables both the scholar community and the general public to directly participate in scoring respectively the academic excellence and social relevance of the published research.

The readers’ interests are then translated into new powerful bibliometric indicators and applied to select academically excellent and socially relevant articles, resulting in the most objective, unbiased and democratic assessment of research.

This is indeed a most felt intervention by Frontiers, given the significant role that conflicting interests often play in the academic environment. At Frontiers, it is not the opinion of only 2-3 reviewers, however qualified, that determines the importance of a research work, but the entire academic community. Likewise, it is not the ranking of the journal in which an article is published to determine its impact, but the article itself.

This assessment also provides the basis for the distillation of published articles in what is known as the Frontiers Tiering System.

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