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Frontiers wins the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing

Frontiers has won the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing in recognition of its Open-Science platform that provides open-access academic publishing and research networking for researchers.

The prestigious award acknowledges the best innovators in the scholarly publishing industry and Frontiers received the top Gold prize at the awards ceremony in London, UK.


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Brain-computer interface-based robotic end effector system for wrist and hand rehabilitation

Stroke is the third leading cause of severe disabilities worldwide. Despite multimodality rehabilitation efforts, 40% of stroke survivors live with various disabilities. Of these, the lack of functional arm, wrist, or hand recovery...


Classical signature of quantum annealing

A pair of recent articles concluded that the D-Wave One machine actually operates in the quantum regime, rather than performing some classical evolution. Here we give a classical model that leads to the same behaviors used in those works to infer quantum effects. Thus, the evidence presented...


Grand challenge: on the way to scarless visceral surgery

The ability to conduct operative procedures in the abdominal cavity with minimal or no scarring has been a dream long cherished by mankind. Therefore, it is not surprising that minimally invasive surgery spread across the world with remarkable speed after its introduction some...


Antimicrobial compounds from natural sources

Nature is a generous source of compounds with the potential to treat diseases, including infectious diseases, which is of utmost importance for modern medicine as antimicrobial resistances increase. Known sources of natural compounds with valuable antimicrobial activity include medicinal...


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