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Frontiers celebrates 20,000 published articles

Frontiers has reached the publication milestone of 20,000 high-quality, peer-reviewed articles across its growing “Frontiers in” journal series, confirming its position among the five leading open-access publishers worldwide.

This major milestone was made possible by the unified effort of Frontiers’ growing community of 45,000 editors and 100,000 authors from 140 countries. Thanks to all of you who were part of this community-driven growth!


Nature Publishing Group and Frontiers form alliance to further open science

NPG and Frontiers will work together to empower researchers to change the way science is communicated, through open access publication and open science tools.

Frontiers remains true to its grand vision to build an Open Science platform where everybody has an equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge.


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Aerobic fitness is associated with greater white matter integrity in children

Aerobic fitness has been found to play a positive role in brain and cognitive health of children. Yet, many of the neural biomarkers related to aerobic fitness remain unknown. Here, using diffusion tensor imaging, we demonstrated that...


Jazz improvisers' shared understanding: a case study

When musicians play together, they predict, perceive, and react to what their partners do in complex ways. Doing this requires some level of shared understanding—but of what exactly? In what arenas and to what extent do collaborating musicians creating a joint performance need to...


Translational research in agricultural biology

Biological revolution—genetic engineering and biotechnology—has a promise to enhance crop resilience and make a breeder's dream come true: produce more in a shorter time, reduce our reliance on agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides, and add to environment-friendly sustainable...


Basic and applied research on deception and its detection

Deception is a ubiquitous phenomenon in social interactions and has attracted a significant amount of research during the last decades. The majority of studies in this field focused on how deception modulates behavioral, autonomic, and brain responses and whether these changes...


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