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Fine-scale foraging ecology of leatherback turtles

Remote tracking of migratory species and statistical modeling of behaviors have enabled identification of areas that are of high ecological value to these widely distributed taxa. However, direct observations at fine spatio-temporal scales are often needed to correctly interpret behaviors. In this study, we combined GPS-derived locations and archival dive records (1 s sampling rate) with animal-borne video footage from foraging leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) off Nova...


Action potential processing in a detailed Purkinje cell model reveals a critical role for axonal compartmentalization

The Purkinje cell (PC) is among the most complex neurons in the brain and plays a critical role for cerebellar functioning. PCs operate as fast pacemakers modulated by synaptic inputs but can switch from simple spikes to complex bursts and, in some conditions, show bistability. In contrast to original works emphasizing dendritic Ca-dependent mechanisms, recent experiments have supported a primary role for axonal...


A bidirectional relationship between physical activity and executive function in older adults

Physically active lifestyles contribute to better executive function. However, it is unclear whether high levels of executive function lead people to be more active. This study uses a large sample and multi-wave data to identify whether a reciprocal association exists between physical activity and executive function. Participants were 4555 older adults tracked across four waves of the English Longitudinal Study of Aging. In each...


Towards translating research to clinical practice: novel strategies for discovery and validation of biomarkers for brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), a major and growing public health problem, appears to result not only from primary injury but also from a complex interplay among inflammatory, biochemical neurohormonal changes as well as genetic components acting on brain tissue. Emerging data suggest that an increasing number of biologic substances, referred to as biomarkers, can provided unprecedented...


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