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Frontiers is pleased to announce the launch of a series of interdisciplinary open access journals across the whole spectrum of the humanities and social sciences.

The first to launch, Frontiers in Digital Humanities, will publish a range of article types across all research areas where computer science and the humanities intersect. All Digital Humanities specialties will be on a single open science platform. Further titles in the series include Frontiers in Economics and Frontiers in Management.


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Engagement in community music classes sparks neuroplasticity and language development in children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds often face impoverished auditory environments, such as greater exposure to ambient noise and fewer opportunities to participate in complex language interactions during development...


Butterflies of the high altitude Atacama Desert: habitat use and conservation

The butterfly fauna of the high-altitude desert of Northern Chile, though depauperate, shows high endemism, is poorly known and is of considerable conservation concern. This study surveys butterflies along the Andean slope between 2400 and 5000 m asl (prepuna, puna and Andean steppe habitats) as well as in high...


Multi-sensory urban search-and-rescue robotics: improving the operator’s omni-directional perception

The area of human–robot interaction deals with problems not only related to robots interacting with human beings but also with problems related to human beings interacting and controlling robots. This article focuses on the latter and evaluates multi-sensory (vision, hearing, touch...


Advances in systems immunology and cancer

The Research Topic is designed to feature the latest innovative and leading-edge research, reviews and opinions on the study of complex and dynamic processes related to the mammalian immune system and cancer. All papers will be meticulously selected to present our readers the multidisciplinary approach to tackle the existing challenges...


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Chunks and retrieval structures: grasping the big picture through different viewpoints

Hosted by: Alessandro Guida, Benoit Lemaire, Fabien Mathy, Serge NICOLAS and Sophie Portrat

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