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Frontiers Impact Factors 2011

Frontiers Impact Factors 2011

The Frontiers Journal Impact factors keep rising in 2011 according to the Journal Citation Reports published by Thomson Reuters.
The Journal Citation Reports for 2011, released by Thomson Reuters on June 28th 2012, confirm once again that the unique peer-review at Frontiers, with an interactive forum for transparent and real-time discussions between authors and reviewers, is key in certifying the highest quality publications and leading to high citations. 
The Frontiers philosophy is that all research that is scientifically sound deserves to be published, removing all bias and subjective editorial criteria, and holding reviewers responsible for their reviews. Some said that quality would suffer - not true. The impact factors of the Frontiers journals are rising steadily, even rivaling long-standing journals. 
The Frontiers 2011 impact factors: 
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience (IF 4.171) moves up by over 15% with respect to its first release in 2010, confirming a steady growth in citation rates. 
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (IF 2.147) confirms its leadership of the ranking for brain-modeling journals. 
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (IF 2.339) maintains its unique aspect as the only ranked journal with a strong focus on human research spanning all areas of human cognitive, social, developmental and translational neuroscience. 
Frontiers in Neural Circuits (IF 5.098) saw an impressive 25% increase with respect to its 2010 first release. 
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy (IF 3.068) made a very strong start entering the Journal Citation Reports for the first year. 
In summary, quality is growing - along with the Frontiers community. Despite these tremendous achievements, at Frontiers we are well aware that the impact factor is just a poor indicator of a researcher’s impact. Therefore, we are providing solid alternative indicators for individual article impact metrics and increasing the global visibility of your publications overall. As an example, the launch of the Frontiers research network in March 2012 enhanced the visibility of Frontiers articles and researcher profiles by over 25%. 
Of course, at Frontiers we know very well how important a role the journal impact factor plays in a researcher's career, and we always do our utmost in submitting our journals for evaluation by Thomson Reuters as soon as they comply with their criteria.
Many Frontiers articles receive tens of thousands views and downloads. With an average of over 4 million page views per month and a strong emphasis on research community and social media, Frontiers is the ideal platform for all researchers to maximize their academic impact.
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