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Lucia Antonacci

Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR)
bari, Italy

Keywords:  Acetic Acid, Protein trafficking, yeast, programmed cell death, intracellular signalling, cytochrome c


Fabrice Barou  

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)


Engineering > Materials > Metals and Alloys

Keywords: CO2 mineralization, Ultramafic rocks, Oriented growth, Etch-pits, Crystallographic relationships, EBSD-FIB, Recovery, Activation energies, SEM/EBSD,...

Marie Bonnet  

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

Oeiras, Portugal

Science > Cell and Developmental Biology > Bioinformatics

Keywords: Antibody Diversity, Feedback, Physiological, Gene Rearrangement, T-Lymphocyte, Immunoglobulin Joining Region, Immunoglobulin Variable Region,...

Marc James Brouillette  

University of Iowa


Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Keywords: articular cartilage, IL-6, EPO, Structured model, lesion formation and abatement, Finite Element Analysis, Osteoarthritis, reaction-diffusion model,...

Kristy A Campbell  

Boise State University


Engineering > Electrical and Computer Engineering > Nanoelectromechanical Systems

Keywords: Amino Acid Substitution, Aspartic Acid, Cyanobacteria, Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy, Histidine, Manganese, Mutagenesis, Site-Directed...

Zhiwen Cui  


Jilin University

Changchun, China

Science > Physics > Acoustics and Dynamics

Keywords: acoustical logging, Acoustics of granular media, borehole acoustics, reservoir acoustics, Porous media, poroelasticity

Syam Gadde  

Duke University

Durham, USA

Science > Computing > Computers in Science and Medicine

Keywords: Respiration, brain imaging, Eye-tracking, Heart beat

Henrietta L. Galiana  

McGill University


Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Computational Physiology and Medicine

Keywords: mathematical model, vestibulo-ocular reflex, sensory-motor mapping, context dependent reflex, disconjugate eye movement, ocular nystagmus,...

Amanmeet Garg  

Simon Fraser University


Engineering > Electrical and Computer Engineering > Computing and Systems Technology

Keywords: biomarkers, Shape Analysis, LDDMM, MRI volumetry, Parkinson's disease (PD)

Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro  

University of Salento


Engineering > Mechanical Engineering > Mechatronics

Keywords: mechatronics, modal analysis, control of mechanical systems, non-linear dynamical systems, Pulse width modulation, Pneumatic Actuators, Solenoid valves,...

Charmayne Mary Lee Hughes  

Nanyang Technological University

San Francisco, United States of America

Engineering > Robotics and AI > Biomedical Robotics

Keywords: motor control, robotics rehabilitation, Mechanoreceptors, biosignals, Tool Use, apraxia, Action Disorganisation Syndrome (ADS),...

Zhao Huimin  

Jianqiang Zhao


Engineering > Civil and Environmental Engineering > Environmental and Geological Engineering

Keywords: Microbial fuel cell, nitrite, Autotrophic Denitrification, Nitration, Biocathode

Adrian Ion-Margineanu  

KU Leuven


Engineering > Medical and Laboratory Technology > Clinical Brain Imaging

Keywords: follow-up, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Multi-Parametric, boosting classifiers

Florent Jaillet  

Aix-Marseille University


Engineering > Information and Communication Technology > Information Theory and Signal Processing

Keywords: audio signal processing, data sharing, analysis workflow, reproducibility, odml, Metadata Management, interoperability, python, File formats

Cheng-Hsien Liu  


National Tsing Hua University

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Engineering > Mechanical Engineering > Micro- and Nanoelectromechanical Systems

Keywords: Micromanipulation, Optical Tweezers, Chemotaxis, Lab-On-A-Chip Devices, Microfluidic Analytical Techniques, Microtechnology, Biomedical Engineering,...

Vinay V Parikh  

Temple University

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Integrative Neuroscience

Keywords: Cognition, Synaptic Transmission, growth factors, Aging, psychiatric disorders, Antipsychotic Agents, Benzodiazepines, Haloperidol, Pirenzepine, Risperidone...

Sathish Periyasamy  

Queensland Brain Institute

Brisbane, Australia

Engineering > ICT > Bioinformatics

Keywords: multiscale modeling, physiome, biocomplexity, Cancer, Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, self-organisation,...

Edward J Rode  

DNV GL (Norway)


Engineering > Materials > Applied Materials

Keywords: CO utilization 2, Hydrogen, energy storage, sustainable fuels, Zeolites, Alumina, MgO, Aldol condensation, Butanal, Basic zeolites


Agricultural Research Centre For International Development


Xiangyang Shi  

Donghua University

Shanghai, China

Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Biomaterials

Keywords: Dendrimers, targeted CT imaging, targeted MRI imaging, Targeted Drug Delivery, gold nanoparticles, electrospun fibers, gene transfer, Diagnostic Imaging,...

Colleen Joy Stieler-Hunt  

University of the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Humanities and Social Sciences > Education > Educational Technology and Media

Keywords: Video Games, sexual abuse, child protection, personal safety program, serious games, serious game design

Xie Tao  

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Keywords: Classification, electrocorticography (ECoG), feature extraction, brain-computer interface (BCI), hand movements, Brain-computer interface, Motor Imagery,...

Michael Vieth  

University of Bayreuth

Bayreuth, Germany

Health > Pathology > Clinical Pathology

Keywords: Adenocarcinoma, Fluorescein, Molecular Imaging, iCLE, pCLE, advanced imaging, Endomicroscopy, Barrett

Daniel Villarreal-García  

Tecnológico de Monterrey


Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Plant Biotechnology

Keywords: Carotenoids, Glucosinolates, phenolic compounds, vitamin C, Brassica oleracea var. italica, ethylene, Methyl Jasmonate, Wounding stress, Broccoli,...

Kai Wei  

University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Engineering > Chemical Engineering > Biodegradation

Keywords: Mining, Nitrification, Biofilm, ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, cold environments, zeolite

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