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Luisa Amo

Spanish National Research Council

Keywords:  foraging, Parus major, multitrophic interactions, insect herbivores, insectivorous birds, Apple trees, Avian olfaction, Induced indirect plant defence...


Izhar Bar‐Gad  

Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Basal Ganglia, Dystonia, Globus Pallidus, Neurophysiology, Subthalamic Nucleus, Tourette Syndrome, rat, Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation (DBS), 2...

Tomasz Bochenek  

Jagiellonian University


Science > Pharmacology > Pharmaceutical Medicine and Outcomes Research

Keywords: gender differences, Survey, dietary supplement, College student, Self-treatment, OTC medicine, Cytostatic Agents, Drug Compounding, Drug Utilization,...

In-Young Choi  

University of Kansas, Medical Center, Department of Neurology

Kansas City, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroenergetics

Keywords: Acute Disease, Animals, Genetically Modified, Aspartic Acid, Axonal Transport, Blood Glucose, Blood-Brain Barrier, Brain Chemistry, Brain Injuries...

Dongil Chung  

Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Roanoke, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: Adaptation, Psychological, Child, Gifted, Competitive Behavior, Interpersonal Relations, Public Facilities, Cooperative Behavior, Games, Experimental,...

Claudio Cuello  

McGill University

Quebec, Canada

Science > Neuroscience > Aging Neuroscience

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment, amyloid β, transgenic rat models

Molly Dickens  

University of Liège

Liege, Belgium

Science > Physiology > Avian Physiology

Keywords: Aromatase, Preoptic Area, sex differences, Japanese quail, non-genomic control, Phosphorylations

Mariam El Assar De La Fuente  

Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital de Getafe

Getafe (MADRID), Spain

Science > Physiology > the Physiology of Aging

Keywords: endothelial dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, senescence

María Pilar Gracia  

Spanish National Research Council

Zaragoza, Spain

Science > Plant Science > Agronomy

Keywords: barley, copy number variation, flowering time, HvFT1, HvCEN, DNA, Plant, Hordeum, Introns, Quantitative Trait Loci, photoperiod, QTL, vernalization,...

Katsunori Iijima  

Tohoku University

Sendai, Japan

Health > Medicine > Gastroenterology

Keywords: Hypergastrinemia, ECL-cell hyperplasia, G-cell hyperplasia, persistent ulcers, Endoscopy, complication, bleeding, Antithrombotic, Gastric Acid,...

Jacques Jamart  

Université catholique de Louvain

yvoir, Belgium

Science > Statistics > Statistics in Science

Keywords: ABO Blood-Group System, Abscess, Activities of Daily Living, Adrenergic alpha-2 Receptor Agonists, Allergens, Alloys, Amino Acids, Analgesics, Opioid,...

Anna Kuna  

University of Social Sciences and Humanities


Science > Psychology > Health Psychology

Keywords: self-efficacy, social support, burnout, exhaustion, Disengagement

Steve Masson  

Université du Québec à Montréal

Montréal, Canada

Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Education, Electricity, uncertainty, certainty, misconception, Control, inhibition, School learning, Making mistakes

Karin Meissner  

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Munich, Germany

Health > Psychiatry > Psychosomatic Medicine

Keywords: Time Perception, emotion, dual klepsydra model, duration reproduction, General Practice, Germany, Physician's Practice Patterns, Placebos,...

Takanobu Nakazawa  

Osaka University

Osaka, Japan

Science > Neuroscience > Molecular Neuroscience

Keywords: iPS cell, Schizophrenia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, psychiastric disorders, Signal Transduction, Spine, synapse, astrocyte, Spine development,...

Yoshihisa Oda  

National Institute of Genetics

Mishima, Japan

Science > Plant Science > Plant Cell Biology

Keywords: Cell Shape, Cell Wall, Microtubule-Associated Proteins, Microtubules, rho GTP-Binding Proteins, Xylem, Cellulose, Mitosis, Nuclear Envelope, Cytoskeleton...

Harunori Ohmori  

Kyoto University

Kyoto, Japan

Science > Neuroscience > Synaptic Neuroscience

Keywords: tonic inhibition, phasic inhibition, brainstem auditory nucleus, interaural difference cues, SON

Andre Philippe Peeters  

Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc

Brussels, Belgium

Health > Neurology > Stroke

Keywords: Neurorehabilitation, premotor cortex, motor skill learning, Resting-state fMRI, functional connectivity., transcranial direct current stimulation,...

Susan Powell  

University of California, San Diego

San Diego, USA

Health > Psychiatry > Psychopharmacology

Keywords: Aminopyridines, Choice Behavior, Exploratory Behavior, Indoles, Receptors, Dopamine D4, Sensory Gating, Serotonin Antagonists, Startle Reaction,...


Bangur Institute of Neurosciences


Health > Neurology > Epilepsy

Keywords: Acetaminophen, Carrier State, Dengue, Hepatitis B, Immunoglobulin M, Liver Failure, Acute, Cerebral hemiatrophy, Dyke-davidoff-masson syndrome,...

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorder, modulation, sensory processing, multisensory integration, sensory integration, Translational research, heart period variability...

Arjen Schots  

Wageningen University and Research Centre


Science > Plant Science > Plant Biotechnology

Keywords: interleukin-22, N-glycosylation, Nicotiana, Lewis a, Glyco-engineering, core α1,6-fucose, ELISA, phage display, scFv, Sugar beet, BNYVV, Phage-antibodies,...

David Shin  

University of California, San Diego

San Diego, USA

Engineering > Bioengineering > Biochemical Engineering

Keywords: Perfusion Imaging, database, data sharing, Arterial Spin Labeling, cerebral blood flow (CBF), Group analysis, prefrontal, Ankle Joint, Muscle Contraction,...

Chris Spiker  

Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, Canada

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Perception

Keywords: perceptual development, cognitive development, learning and memory, multisensory processing, Plasticity and Learning, synaesthesia/synesthesia

Vincent Vinh-Hung  

Martinique University Hospital

Fort-de-France, Martinique

Health > Oncology > Breast Cancer

Keywords: Organ Preservation, head and neck cancer, IGRT, complications, locally advanced, Glioblastoma, Quality of Life, Toxicity, brain metastases, feasibility,...

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