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F-Xavier Alario

CNRS & Aix­Marseille Université
Marseille, France

Keywords:  Language, Speech, Psycholinguistics, Lexicon, phonology, Semantic interference, articulation, intracranial recording, Language production, dual-task...


Britt Anderson  


Brown University

Providence, USA

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Attention, Bayesian Models, computational neuroscience, Vision, Spatial neglect, Decision Making, Intelligence, Consciousness, Intelligence Tests, Neurology,...

Pierre Andry  

University of cergy pontoise

Cergy­Pontoise, France

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: developmental psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Communication, Computer Systems, Developmental Biology, Interpersonal Relations, Robotics, Social Behavior...

Daniel M Barros  

Medical School ­ University of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Health > Psychiatry > Forensic Psychiatry

Keywords: Forensic Psychiatry, Juvenile Delinquency, psychopathy, IAPS pictures

Alberto Cambrosio  

McGill University

Montreal, Canada

Humanities > History and Anthropology > History of Science and Technology

Keywords: Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols, Automation, Bacteriophages, Biological Science Disciplines, Biomedical Research, Biomedical Technology,...

Roberto Casati  

Institut Nicod, CNRS-ENS-EHESS

Paris, France

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Perception

Keywords: Art, Depth Perception, Optical Illusions, Empathy, Esthetics, Concept Formation, Discrimination (Psychology), Lighting, Cognitive Science, Solar System, Moon

Marco Casazza  

Università degli Studi di Torino

Torino, Italy

Science > Environmental Science > Environmental Physics

Keywords: ecophysics;, Micrometeorology, aerosol science, Air Quality, sustainability, Music Acoustics, history of physics, music performance, synergetics...

David B Dillard-wright  

University of South Carolina Aiken

Augusta, USA

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Mind

Keywords: Autonomic Nervous System, Consciousness, Meditation, Neuroimaging, Endogenous space, Pranayama, Default Mode Network

Owen Flanagan  

Duke University

Durham, USA

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Mind

Keywords: Advisory Committees, Animal Experimentation, Ethics, Research, Mental Processes, Primates, Stem Cell Transplantation, Transplantation Chimera, Transplantation...

James Gambrell  

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA, USA

Science > Psychology > Quantitative Psychology and Measurement

Keywords: item response theory, generalizability theory, classical test theory, Test Development, Structural Equation Modeling, Reliability, validity,...

Miguel A García-Pérez  

Universidad Complutense

Madrid, Spain

Science > Psychology > Quantitative Psychology and Measurement

Keywords: item response theory, Signal detection theory, multinomial models, Goodness-of-fit testing, Adaptive methods, linear models, Probability, Monte Carlo method...

Kris Goffin  

Ghent University (Universiteit Gent)

Ghent, Belgium

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Psychology

Keywords: mood, music perception, emotional arousal, Emotional expressivity, music and emotion, aesthetic emotion, philosophy of music, vitality affects

Kerrin Artemis Jacobs  

Institute of Cognitive Science

Osnabrück, Germany

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Psychology

Keywords: existential situation, experiential synthesis, practical sense, habitus, narrativity, evaluative coherence, caring.

Trenton A. Jerde  


University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Attention, Brain Mapping, brain networks, Eye Movements, Movement, Parietal Lobe, Resting-state fMRI, Space Perception, Saccades. Attention, Cerebral Cortex,...

Theresa A Jones  

The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Brain Injuries, Recovery of Function, Forelimb, Brain Ischemia, Cerebral Infarction, Endothelin-1, Microscopy, Electron, Transmission, Rats, Long-Evans...

Caryn Lerman  

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, USA

Kevin B McGowan  

Stanford University

Stanford, USA

Humanities > Linguistics and Literature > Psycholinguistics

Keywords: spoken word recognition, variation, episodic lexical access, social weighting

Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi  

Northwestern University/Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Chicago, IL, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Neurorobotics

Keywords: neural plasticity, Lamprey, dynamical system, Brain‐machine interface, closed-loop system, dynamical dimension, lamprey brainstem, simulated dynamical device,...

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Aging, development, working memory, brain function, Behavior Genetics, COMT, resources, sensory processing scale for monkey, executive functions, Genes, BDNF

Erik Rietveld  

University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Humanities > Philosophy and Ethics > Philosophy of Mind

Keywords: Embodied Cognition, predictive coding, Phenomenology, affordances, Pragmatist neuroscience, Context sensitivity, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Psychiatry...

Philippe G Schyns  

University of Glasgow

United Kingdom

Science > Psychology > Perception Science

Keywords: Visual perception and attention, Signal processing, Perceptual Learning, object, face and scene recognition, concept learning, conceptual development...

Helmut Seitz  

University of Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Bhzad Sidawi  

University of Dammam

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Humanities > Architecture & Design > Sustainable Design

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2, Environment Design, Health Behavior, Health Surveys, Life Style, Saudi Arabia, Sick Building Syndrome, Urban Population

Tom Stafford  

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: Attitude, Avoidance Learning, Basal Ganglia, Color Perception, Feeding Behavior, Great Britain, Hunger, Periodicals as Topic, Psychological Tests, Publishing...

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