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Senior Scientist (Biochemistry)
National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (ICAR)
New Delhi, India

Keywords:  nutrient composition studies, Diet Surveys, Traditional knowledge, method development, community nutrition, Biodiversity, Food Analysis, Solanum melongena, Trace Elements...


Monica Boscaiu  

Universitat Politècnica de València


Science > Plant Science > Plant Physiology

Keywords: Biotechnology, abiotic stress, Food security, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, Breeding methods, Biotech crops, salinity tolerance, osmolytes,...

Yann Bourgeois  

New York University

United Arab Emirates

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Evolutionary and Population Genetics

Keywords: Rhodopsin, Association mapping, QTL mapping, diapause, Daphnia magna, resting-stage, Transposable element, line, genome resequencing, retrotransposon,...

Xiaowei Chen  

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Philadelphia, USA

Science > Genetics > Molecular Genetics

Keywords: breast cancer, SNP array, Non-coding RNA (ncRNA), Long intergenic non-coding RNA (lincRNA), copy number variation (CNV)

Davide M Dominoni  

Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)

Wageningen, Netherlands

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Urban Ecology

Keywords: Airport, signaling, circadian rhythms, Phenology, masking, anthropogenic noise, Light at night, Health, Physiology, Urbanization, clocks, Noise, night shift...

Hiroyuki FUTAMATA  

Shizuoka University

Hamamatsu, Japan

Science > Microbiology > Systems Microbiology

Keywords: Acetic Acid, Aerobiosis, Benzofurans, Biodegradation, Environmental, Biotransformation, Chlorine, Chlorobenzenes, Chloroflexi, Dioxins, Dioxygenases,...

Klaus Golka  

Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors (LG)


Health > Public Health > Occupational Health and Safety

Keywords: Drug Hypersensitivity, DILI, ADRs, Drug allergy, HLA genes

Francisco Guimaraes  

University of São Paulo

Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

Health > Psychiatry > Anxiety, Stress, and Obsessional Disorders

Keywords: Cannabidiol, Eating Disorders, Cannabinoid receptor, emotion, 8-Hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino)tetralin, Benzoxazines, Drug Interactions, Fasting, Hyperphagia,...

Ximiao He  

National Cancer Institute (NIH)


Science > Genetics > Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Keywords: ChIP-chip, nucleoid, Mega-loop, GalR regulon, DNA superhelicity

Timothy Nie Hunter  

University of Leeds

Leeds, United Kingdom

Engineering > Materials > Colloidal Materials and Interfaces

Keywords: Particle stabilised emulsions, Ultrasonics, Flocculation, Sedimentation, suspension rheology, interfacial elasticity, acoustic backscatter, foams,...

Prasanna Kumar Juvvuna  

SBS, Nanyang Technological University


Science > Molecular Biosciences > Molecular Biology

Keywords: miRNAs, myogenesis, atrophy signaling

Wataru Kakegawa  

Department of Physiology, Keio University School of Medicine

Tokyo, Japan

Health > Neurology > General Neurology

Keywords: Mouse, Purkinje cell, Long-term depression, motor learning

Ki-Tae Kim  

Seoul National University

Korea (South)

Science > Microbiology > Fungi and Their Interactions

Keywords: Fungi, lifestyle, Effectors, Secretome, small secreted proteins

Takashi Kitahashi  

Monash University Malaysia

Keywords: CREB1, mollusk

Isabell Klawonn  

Stockholm University


Science > Environmental Science > Microbiological Chemistry and Geomicrobiology

Keywords: Cyanobacteria, Phosphorus, N2 fixation, Gas solubility, Nodularia spumigena, 15N2 gas, gas–liquid solution

Moshe Levi  

University of Colorado


Health > Medicine > Nephrology

Keywords: Metabolism, diabetic nephropathy, Microscopy, Fluorescence, Protein Interaction Mapping, Spectrometry, Fluorescence, Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors,...

Ali Masoudi-Nejad  

Group Leader (Associate Professor), Laboratory of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (LBB)

University of Tehran

Tehran, Iran

Science > Genetics > Systems Biology

Keywords: Computational systems biology, biological networks, Network Motif, RNAi Pathway Integration, Cancer Modeling, Signaling Pathway Modeling,...

Ján A Miernyk  

University of Missouri

Columbia, United States

Science > Physiology > Plant Physiology

Keywords: Cell Biology, Systems Biology, Metabolism, Mitochondria/plastids/Peroxisomes/ER, Protein PTM, Cell Fractionation, Chemical Phenomena, Chemistry, Chimera,...

Li Min  

University of Washington

Seattle, United States

Michael Norton  

Harvard Business School

Boston, USA

Science > Psychology > Social Psychology

Keywords: self-deception, self-enhancement, Motivated reasoning, positive illusions, Caudate Nucleus, medial temporal lobe, cheating behavior, mind wandering,...

Suse Petersen  

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Humanities and Social Sciences > Education > Pedagogy and Education

Keywords: musical ability, Musical self-concept, higher music education, self-concept types, Chinese music students

Luca Remonda  

Kantonsspital Aarau

Aarau, Switzerland

Health > Neurology > Neuro-Ophthalmology

Keywords: Cerebrospinal Fluid, Glaucoma, Optic Nerve, Normal-tension glaucoma, Optic canal

Jonathan M Wilson  


Porto, Portugal

Science > Physiology > Aquatic Physiology

Keywords: osmoregulation, Na+/K+-ATPase, TUNEL, seawater adaptation, air-breathing fish, Na+:K+:2Cl- cotransporter, Urea, rectal gland, elasmobranchs,...

Jihui Zhang  

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, Hong Kong

Health > Psychiatry > Sleep Disorders

Keywords: C-Reactive Protein, Nutrition Surveys, Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders, Socioeconomic Factors, Diagnosis, Differential,...

Yi Zhu  

Associate Professor in Psychology

Shenzhen University

Shenzhen, China

Science > Psychology > Personality and Social Psychology

Keywords: Behavioral Decision-Making, Cooperation and conflict, social psychology, Altruism, Prosocial Behavior, social cognition, social preferences, cooperation,...

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