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Julián David Arias-Londoño

Universidad de Antioquia

Keywords:  Nonlinear Dynamics, complexity measures, Hypernasality, Speech signals, Parkinson's disease, pitch, jitter, Portable device, Real time speech assessment, Shimmer...


Scott Barbee  

University of Denver

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: CaMKII, translational control, Me13B, olfactory circuitry, synaptic mRNPs

Alan K Betts  

Atmospheric Research

Pittsford, VT, USA

Science > Environmental Science > Atmospheric Science

Keywords: Conservation of Natural Resources, climate, Convection, Rivers, Satellite Communications, cumulus convection, Boundary Layer Meteorology, South America...

Nancy L Brodsky  

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Developmental Neuroscience

Keywords: cortisol, HPA axis, Socioeconomic status, Neighborhood disadvantage, Parental education, stress reactivity

Laura K Cirelli  

McMaster University

Hamilton, Canada

Science > Psychology > Developmental Psychology

Keywords: Infancy, rhythmic movements, social development, Interpersonal synchrony, musical entrainment, Beta Oscillations, Event-related desynchronization (ERD),...

Ernesto Cota  

Imperial College London

United Kingdom

Science > Molecular Biosciences > Structural Biology

Keywords: Amino Acid Substitution, Crystallography, X-Ray, Cytoskeletal Proteins, Differential Thermal Analysis, Fluorometry, Nonmuscle Myosin Type IIA,...


New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities

Staten island, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Antibiotics, Antineoplastic, Doxorubicin, KB Cells, Mice, Nude, Neoplasm Transplantation, Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays, ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters...

Ken William Dunn  

Indiana University School of Medicine

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Amodio Fuggi  

Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" Caserta


Science > Plant Science > Plant Physiology

Keywords: Potato, Drum drying, Nutritional properties, Powder, Rheological properties, Growth, Water stress, Zea mays L., Net ecosystem exchange, net photosynthetic rate,...

Michael Graeme Garner  

Australian Government


Science > Informatics > Health Informatics

Keywords: Foot-and-Mouth Disease, Hybrid model, Spatiotemporal model, Epidemiological model, AADIS, Vaccination, fmd, simulation models, Decision-support,...

Dariusz Grzebelus  

University of Agriculture in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

Science > Plant Science > Plant Genetics and Genomics

Keywords: DNA Transposable Elements, DNA, Plant, Genetic Markers, Genome, Plant, Medicago truncatula, Breeding, Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid, Transcriptome,...

Steven Hallam  

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Evolutionary and Genomic Microbiology

Keywords: Arsenic, methanogenesis, microbial community, sulfate, organic matter decomposition, Rhizobiales, Biochemical reactors, Sh765B-TzT-29, Metagenomics,...

Holger Haselmann  

University of Jena


Science > Neuroscience > Synaptic Neuroscience

Keywords: Limbic Encephalitis, Autoantibody, GABAergic inhibition, patch-clamp recording, GAD65, stereotactic injection, Stiff-Person Syndrome,...

Gerhard J. Josef Herndl  

University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Science > Marine Science > Marine Ecology

Keywords: Alkaline Phosphatase, alpha-Glucosidases, Ammonia, Antarctic Regions, Archaea, Archaeal Proteins, Arctic Regions, Aspartic Acid, Atlantic Ocean...

Safak Kalindamar  

Mississippi State University


Science > Microbiology > Infectious Diseases

Keywords: Denitrification, RNA-Seq, Fish health, Flavobacterium columnare, Comparative genomics analysis

Yoshiumi Kawamura  

Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)


Science > Chemistry > Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Keywords: solid electrolyte, First-principles molecular dynamics, ionic conductivity, Structure factor, Lithium sulfide glass

J Landeira-Fernandez  

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Bipolar Disorder, Electroconvulsive Therapy, Safety, Maze Learning, Protein-Energy Malnutrition, Sex Characteristics, Acute Disease, Depressive Disorder,...

Carole Landisman  

Harvard University

Cambridge, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Cellular Neuroscience

Keywords: gap junction, synchrony, bursting, electrical synapse, persistent sodium current, Thalamic reticular nucleus

Rachel Lees-Green  

University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Science > Physiology > Computational Physiology and Medicine

Keywords: Biophysical Processes, Gastrointestinal Tract, Interstitial Cells of Cajal, Intestine, Small, Myenteric Plexus, Organ Specificity, Receptor, Serotonin, 5-HT2B...

Olfat A MALAK  

Institut du Thorax


Science > Physiology > Cardiac Electrophysiology

Keywords: Nav1.5, Nav1.4, Physiopathology, missense mutations, associated/regulatory proteins, Long QT Syndrome, induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes,...

Daniel Marino  

University of the Basque Country


Science > Plant Science > Plant Physiology

Keywords: Dehydration, Glucosyltransferases, Herbicides, Leghemoglobin, Nitrogen Fixation, Paraquat, Peas, Reactive Oxygen Species, Rhizobium,...

Albert Martínez  

University of Barcelona


Science > Neuroscience > Cellular Neuroscience

Keywords: Dendritic Spines, adult neurogenesis, 3D-reconstruction, Electron microscopy, FIB/SEM, Calcium-Binding Protein, Vitamin D-Dependent, Cytoplasmic Granules,...

Robert Rozeske  

Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM)

Bordeaux cedex, France

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Neuroimaging, posttraumatic stress disorder, stress, Trauma, coping, resilience

Rui Zhang  

Dickinson College


Science > Psychology > Cultural Psychology

Keywords: Acculturation, psychological well-being, Authenticity, ethnic identity, situational variation, threat, meaning, Terror management theory,...

Lifen Zheng  

Beijing Normal University


Science > Psychology > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Stuttering, speech production, motor area, Causal connection

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