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Sheryl B. Ball

Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, USA


Sheryl Ball was trained as a game theorist, but quickly become more interested in questions in behavioral economics. Much of her research has focused on studying ways in which people's behavior...


R. Alexander Bentley  

University of Bristol

Bristol, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Keywords: cultural transmission, information, mode, tempo, tipping points, Agriculture, Family, Geography, History, Ancient, Cultural Evolution, Linguistics, vocabulary...

Shonil Anil Bhagwat  

DPhil in Tropical Foresty Diversity and Conservation

University of Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

Leo John Ezerins  

Canadian Football League Alumni Association

Toronto, Canada

Society > Business > Non-Profit Management

Keywords: Dementia, neurodegenerative disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, repetitive brain injury, professional athletes, Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration...

Andrew M Farrell  

Aston University

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Services Marketing, Marketing, Research Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Sociology, Leadership

Heidi Figueroa  

Estudi de Música Franz Liszt

Barcelona, Spain

Society > Social Work > Gerontology

Keywords: Quality of Life, training, Elderly, brain plasticity, Cognitive Function, piano

Claude Fischler  


Paris, France

Society > Sociology > Evolution, Biology and Society

Keywords: Food, nutrition, Eating patterns, Food Contamination, Food Habits, Food Preferences, Food Supply, France, Fruit, Germany, Great Britain, Health Knowledge,...

Yue Hugh Guan  

Senior Executive

East China University of Science and Technology

Shanghai, China

Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Biochemical Engineering

Keywords: Bioengineering, animal cell technology, downstream processing, engineering modelling, Chromatography, Biological Assay, Calorimetry, Cell Culture Techniques...

Leslie L Heywood  

Binghamton University

Binghamton, USA

Health > Public Health > Health Education and Promotion

Keywords: Neurology, sport psychology., Sport Studies., Gender., Affective Neuroscience, and immersive sport, competitive, cultural neuropsychology of sport,...

Leonor Irarrázaval  

Universidad Diego Portales

Santiago, Chile

Society > Social Work > Community

Keywords: clinical psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychopathology, Phenomenology, hermeneutics, qualitative research, Schizophrenia, intersubjectivity, hermeneutic,...

Jik-Joen -- LEE  

Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, NT, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Society > Social Work > Gerontology

Keywords: social policy for older people, social gerontology issues, Asian people, Social work related isseus, Social welfare issues, Social services for older people...

Mohammad Reza Lotfalipour  

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Mashhad, Iran

Sushmit Mishra  

Linköping University

Linköping, Sweden

Society > Communication Studies > Health Communication

Keywords: inhibition, working memory, Speech Processing, Updating, cognitive spare capacity, executive processing

Anna Petra Nieboer  

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Cardiovascular Diseases, Netherlands, Nurse-Patient Relations, Patient Satisfaction, Patient-Centered Care, Physician-Patient Relations, Primary Health Care...

Shino Ogawa  

Kyoto University

Inuyama, Japan

Society > Education > Special Education and Teaching

Keywords: autism, Narrative, Treatment, social perspective-taking, mental state

T. Andrew Poehlman  

Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University

Dallas, USA

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Consciousness, skeletal muscle, anticipation, voluntary action, ideomotor action, Attitude, Personality Tests, Social Behavior, Association, action,...

Roger Alan Roffman  

University of Washington School of Social Work

Seattle, USA

Society > Social Work > Addiction

Keywords: Cannabis, Addiction, marijuana, Youth, legalization

Murray Alan Rudd  

University of York

York, United Kingdom

Society > Economics > Environmental Economics

Keywords: environmental economics, environmental valuation, ecosystem services, research prioritization, Science Policy, econometrics, Policy Analysis, Institutions...

Thomas Salzberger  

WU Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Vienna, Austria

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Measurement, Rasch model, construct validity, Content Validity, Construct Theory

Daniel Tan Lei Shek  

Teh Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong, China

Society > Social Work > Social Services 

Keywords: Hong Kong, positive youth development, Chinese adolescents, marital disruption, child developmental outcomes, family processes, Quality of Life,...

Judit Simon  

Corvinus University of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Medication Adherence, COPD, chronic diseases, health belief model

Ugur Soytas  

Middle East Technical University

Ankara, Turkey

Katryna Starks  

University of the Sunshine Coast

Sippy Downs, Australia

Society > Sociology > Social Psychology

Keywords: Video Games, goal setting, multiple intelligences, cognitive behavioral game design, social cognitive theory, game design, behavior change, serious games,...

Colleen Joy Stieler-Hunt  

University of the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Society > Education > Educational Technology and Media

Keywords: Video Games, sexual abuse, child protection, personal safety program, serious games, serious game design

Tomislav Vladic  


Enfield, USA

Science > Marine Science > Freshwater Science

Keywords: Androgens, Gonadal Steroid Hormones, Labor, Induced, Progesterone, Receptors, Androgen, Receptors, Progesterone, Adenosine Diphosphate,...

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