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Noam Bialik

University of Haifa
Haifa, Israel

Keywords:  gender, Arithmetic, effective priming, academic career


Berill Blair  


Lausanne, Switzerland

Society > Sociology > Science, Knowledge and Technology

Keywords: Climate chage, resilience, adaptive capacity, sustainability science, risk, Arctic Regions

Raul Brey Sanchez  

Pablo de Olavide University

Seville, Spain

Society > Economics > Energy Economics

Keywords: Non-market valuation, Socioeconomic aspects of Energy

Claudia Bullerjahn  

Systematic Musicology and Contemporary Music Cultures

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Gießen, Germany

Humanities > Arts > Musicology

Keywords: music psychology, social psychology of music, Systematic musicology, music education, Music and society, Film music, popular culture, popular music,...

Michael JR Butler  

Aston University

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Society > Business > Human Resources and Organization

Keywords: Neurosciences, organizational neuroscience, organizational behavior, organizational sciences, Interdisciplinary Communication, co-production research...


Banat’s University Timisoara

Timisoara, Romania

Science > Food Science > Food Chemistry

Keywords: tropane alkaloids, Allelochemicals, nitrogen content, chemical compound, spectrophotometrically method, Knowledge Management, Capsaicinoids, Toxicity,...

Felicity Callard  

Durham University

London, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Attitude to Health, Biomedical Research, Community Mental Health Services, Computer Security, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Databases, Factual,...

David Bruce Conn  

Henry Gund Professor of Biology

Berry College

Mount Berry, GA, USA

Health > Immunology > Veterinary Parasitology

Keywords: One Health, emerging infectious disease, neglected tropical diseases, Global health diplomacy, bioinvasions, zoonotic diseases, neglected infectious diseases...

Eldad Davidov  

University of Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Society > Sociology > Sociological Methodology

Keywords: Bayesian Analysis, multigroup confirmatory factor analysis, exact measurement invariance, approximate measurement invariance...

Mark Stephen Davis  

The Ohio State University

Columbus, USA

Society > Sociology > Justice

Keywords: Reciprocity, Measurement, narcissism, Exploitativeness, Social Dilemma

Helmut Dubiel  

University of Giessen

Giessen, Germany

Society > Sociology > Political Sociology

Keywords: Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation (DBS), hermeneutics, Körper (“having a body”), Leib (“being in a body”), narrative bioethics

Holger Gerhardt  

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Bonn, Germany

Society > Economics > Microeconomics

Keywords: Social learning, neuroeconomics, Herd Behavior, Decision Making, risk aversion, risk, Prospect Theory, happiness, probability weighting, incidental emotions

Yunfei Guo  


los angeles, USA

Society > Economics > Health Economics

Keywords: Epistasis, High performance computing, Gene-Gene Interactions, GPU programming, CUDA tutorial

Rhonda Gay Hartman  

Duquesne University Law School


Society > Law > Public Law

Keywords: Facial Injuries, Government Regulation, Ownership, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Risk Assessment, Tissue and Organ Procurement, Tissue Transplantation,...

William Hedgcock  

University of Iowa

Iowa City, USA

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Self-Control, decoy effects, Regulatory Depletion, Asymmetric Dominance, Choice Behavior, Tradeoff Avoidance, Attraction Effect, fMRI, Aging, IGT,...

Ying Hou  

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Kiel, Germany

Science > Environmental Science > Agroecology and Land Use Systems

Keywords: ecosystem services, human well-being, human-environmental systems, Agriculture, urban-rural gradient, socioeconomics, GIS, uncertainty

Kate Johnston  

Walter Payton College Preperatory High School

Chicago, USA

Society > Education > Music Education

Keywords: Hearing, training, brainstem

Suzanne Langridge  


University of California Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, USA

Science > Environmental Science > Interdisciplinary Climate Studies

Keywords: Animal Migration, Conservation of Natural Resources, Feathers, Isotopes, Reproduction, Songbirds, coastal processes, coastal conservation, ecosystem services...

Rahat Naqvi  

University of Calgary

Calgary, Canada

Society > Education > Bilingual and Multilingual Education

Keywords: dual-language books emergent literacy cultural and linguistic diversity, Alberta, multiculturalism, bilingual pedagogy, cross linguistic transfer...

Uwe Redzanowski  

SOS Kinderdorf

Klagenfurt, Austria

Society > Social Work > Family and Children's Services

Keywords: Reliability, validity, measurement of wisdom, Self-Assessed Wisdom Scale, Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale, Adult Self-Transcendence Inventory,...

Thomas Rockstuhl  

Nanyang Business School

Singapore, Singapore

Christophe Schinckus  

University of Leicester

United Kingdom

Society > Economics > Financial Economics

Keywords: Economics, Complexity, econophysics, Agent Based Modelling, interdisciplinarity

Femi Rufus Tinuola  

Federal University

Oye Ekiti, Nigeria

Lars G. Tummers  

Assistant Professor Public Management and Public Policy

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Society > Business > Public Administration

Keywords: Public administration, Public management, Public Policy, innovation, Leadership, Africa, Health Policy, Local Government, Sociology, development, gender,...

Kirsten Anna-Marie Van Den Bosch  

University of Groningen

Groningen, Netherlands

Society > Education > Special Education and Teaching

Keywords: agency, lateralization, Complexity, autonomy, open-ended development, co-creation, authority, reward signals, artificial cognitive systems

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