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Philippe CG Adam

The University of New South Wales



Meredith Banasiak  

University of Colorado

Boulder, USA

Society > Education > Higher Education

Keywords: Color Perception, heuristic processing, event-related functional MRI, matrix reasoning, relational complexity, visual contrast, constructivist learning

Martin William Bauer  

London School of Economics

London, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Social Psychology

Keywords: beliefs, frame theory, conspiracy theory, quasi-religion, social representations, minimal counterintuitiveness, sensemaking

Matthew R Broome  

University of Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

Science > Psychology > Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology

Keywords: psychosis, Neuroimaging, Delusions, Philosophy, cognitive neuropsychology, Neurosciences, Paranoid Disorders, early diagnosis, Moral Obligations,...

Soo Hong Chew  

National University of Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Society > Economics > Microeconomics

Keywords: Altruism, polymorphism, gene x environment interaction, DRD4, prosociality, G x E

Stephen Doherty  

University of New South Wales

Sydney, Australia

Science > Psychology > Cognition

Keywords: eye tracking, Cognition and emotion, Cognition, HCI, Cyberpsychology, Emotions, Behavior, translation, Machine Translation, Psychology, Cognitive Science...

Eugene Ejike Ezebilo  

Ph.D. Economics

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Alnarp, Sweden

Society > Economics > Environmental Economics

Keywords: Conservation of Natural Resources, Consumer Participation, social perception, sustainability, environmental valuation, econometrics, Environmental Policy...

Des Fitzgerald  

King's College London

London, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Science, Knowledge and Technology

Keywords: experiment, interdisciplinarity, Critical Neuroscience, critique, the social, sociology of neuroscience, Optimally Interacting Minds

Yunfei Guo  


los angeles, USA

Society > Economics > Health Economics

Keywords: Epistasis, High performance computing, Gene-Gene Interactions, GPU programming, CUDA tutorial

Daniel Jacob Hruschka  

Arizona State University

Tempe, USA

Society > Sociology > Evolution, Biology and Society

Keywords: Religion, Institutions, Cross-cultural, closeness, Parochialism, in-group favoritism, market integration, parasite stress

Frank Huysmans  


University of Nijmegen

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Society > Communication Studies > Communication and Information

Keywords: Library Science, Mass Media, Public Opinion, Public Information, Public Policy, Media Use, Cultural Participation, Public Libraries, Digital Humanities

Leonor Irarrázaval  

Universidad Diego Portales

Santiago, Chile

Society > Social Work > Community

Keywords: clinical psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychopathology, Phenomenology, hermeneutics, qualitative research, Schizophrenia, intersubjectivity, hermeneutic,...

Kristie Kulinski  

National Council on Aging


Michael Latta  

Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing

Coastal Carolina University

Conway, USA

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: innovation, Entrepreneurship, Marketing of Health Services, Research Design

Shih-Pin Lee  

National Taiwan Normal University

Taipei, Taiwan

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Anosmia, renal failure, urinary bladder hyperactivity, heavy metal, nasal absorption., Fighting behavior, fighting strategies, salmon migration evolution,...

Jeff MacSwan  

University of Maryland

College Park, USA

Society > Education > Bilingual and Multilingual Education

Keywords: Automatic Data Processing, Linguistics, bilingualism, Threshold Hypothesis, biliteracy;, Facilitation Theory;, language minority education

Aurélie Mahalatchimy  

IRDEIC, University Toulouse 1 Capitole; and UMR U 1027- Inserm, Toulouse University - University Paul Sabatier -Toulouse III; and PACTE UMR5193

Toulouse, France

Society > Law > Supranational Law

Keywords: Gene Therapy, cell therapy, Tissue Engineering, Biomedical innovation, Bioethics, International European and comparative health law, Stem Cells, Health Policy...

Claire Marris  

King's College London

United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Science, Knowledge and Technology

Keywords: Biomedical Research, Consumer Participation, Bioterrorism, Synthetic Biology, biosecurity, iGEM, biological weapons, policy discourse, non-proliferation,...

Erik Parens  

The Hastings Center

Garrison, USA

Society > Education > History and Philosophy of Education

Keywords: Ethics, Neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, reconsolidation, inhuman, memory blunting

Nayadin J. Persaud  

Central Queensland University

Noosa, Australia

Society > Education > Higher Education

Keywords: eye tracking, e-learning, higher education, attention and self-regulated learning, stimulated recall interviews, eye tracking metrics, Eye-tracking, video...

Scott Rogers  

University of Miami School of Law

Coral Gables, USA

Society > Law > Justice

Keywords: cognitive training, mind wandering, mindfulness training, working memory training, sustained attention

Judy B Springer  

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee, USA

Society > Education > Educational Psychology

Keywords: Cardiovascular Diseases, Fitness Centers, Guideline Adherence, Guidelines as Topic, Mass Screening, Data Collection, Liability, Legal, Organizational Policy...

Willem J.M.I. Verbeke  

Erasmus School of Economics

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: fMRI, Endocrinology, Genetics, Animal Models, EEG, people in organizations, hyperscanning, Oxytocin, connectivity, Granger causality, genomic imaging, OXTR...

Masaru Yarime  

Project Associate Professor of Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance (STIG)

University of Tokyo

Bunkyo-ku, Japan

Society > Economics > Environmental Economics

Keywords: Science, Technology, Public Policy, sustainability, innovation, resilience, exergy, Emergy, ecological footprint, sustainability quantification...

Benjamin Yarnoff  

RTI International

Research Triangle Park, USA

Society > Economics > Health Economics

Keywords: Developing Countries, Infant Development, Infant health, infant nutrition, feeding practices, nutrition, Infant Feeding Practices, Determinants of Feeding...

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