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Robbert Biesbroek

Wageningen University

Keywords:  transdisciplinarity, climate change adaptation, science of adaptation, science for adaptation, adaptation research


Martin Block  

Northwestern University

Evanston, USA

Society > Communication Studies > Advertising

Keywords: big data, discriminant analysis, Media Use, marketing communications

Anna Bokszczanin  

Opole University

Opole, Poland

Society > Sociology > Children and Youth

Keywords: Stress, Psychological, coping strategies, Social psychologist, Trauma Severity Indices, traumatic stress, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD),...

Lucilla Bossi  

Parkinson Italia

Milan, Italy

Society > Social Work > Community

Keywords: Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation (DBS), patients' association, philosophical counselor, quantum leap

Felicity Callard  

Durham University

London, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Attitude to Health, Biomedical Research, Community Mental Health Services, Computer Security, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Databases, Factual, Drama,...

Bethany Casarjian  

The Lionheart Foundation

Needham, USA

Society > Social Work > Family and Children's Services

Keywords: Adolescent Development, stress, mindfulness meditation, incarcerated adolescents, detained adolescents

Kuan-Chung Chen  

National University of Tainan

Tainan, Taiwan

Society > Education > Technology Education

Keywords: elearning, web2.0, Cloud computing, technology integration, TPACK, Teachers’ Motivation, human computer interaction, Online Learning

Soo Hong Chew  

National University of Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Society > Economics > Microeconomics

Keywords: Altruism, polymorphism, gene x environment interaction, DRD4, prosociality, G x E

Ronald Cicurel  


Lausanne, Switzerland

Science > Neuroscience > Computational Neuroscience

Keywords: Maths, logic, Quantum, Neuroscience, cosmology, simulation, cerveau, ordinateur, Quantum Theory, comics

Guy Elston  

Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroanatomy

Keywords: Primate, monkey, visual, somatosensory, auditory, cingulate, motor, prefrontal, marmoset, macaque, pyramidal cell, evolution, Cognition, distributed systems,...

Debbie Golos  

Utah State University

Logan, USA

Society > Education > Early Childhood Education and Teaching

Keywords: culture, deaf, Portrayal, Children's Picture Books, Deaf Gain

James Innes  

Marine Resource Economist


Brisbane, Australia

Society > Economics > Environmental Economics

Keywords: Natural Resource Economics, social network analysis, Discrete Choice Analysis, Fisheries, Incentive Based Measures, Catch Shares, ITQ, Attitude...

Hugh Klein  

Kensington Research Institute

Silver Spring, USA

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Sexual Behavior, risk-taking, Substance-Related Disorders, Condoms, Unsafe Sex, Internet, Risk factors, Homosexuality, Male, Child Abuse, Health Behavior,...

Stanislav Kolenikov  

University of Missouri

Columbia, USA

Science > Psychology > Quantitative Psychology and Measurement

Keywords: Structural Equation Modeling, Resampling Methods, design based estimation, income distribution, longitudinal data

Catherine L'Ecuyer  

Educar en el asombro


Society > Education > Art Education

Keywords: wonder approach, wonder, Attachment, beauty

Michelle McGowan  

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, USA

Society > Sociology > Gender Studies

Keywords: reproductive technologies, Genetic Testing, genomic testing, qualitative research, Preimplantation Diagnosis, direct to consumer advertising

Prateep Kumar Nayak  

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Canada

Society > Geography > Environmental Geography

Keywords: Environmental change and governance, Social-ecological systems, Human-environment connections, resilience, commons, Institutional analysis,...

Roger Alan Roffman  

University of Washington School of Social Work

Seattle, USA

Society > Social Work > Addiction

Keywords: Cannabis, Addiction, marijuana, Youth, legalization

Marianne Schmid Mast  

University of Neuchatel

Neuchatel, Switzerland

Society > Communication Studies > Group and Interpersonal Communication

Keywords: Communication, Interpersonal Relations, Patient Satisfaction, Physician-Patient Relations, Physicians, Physicians, Women, Social Dominance,...

Julian Stenmanns  

Goethe University Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Society > Geography > Political Geography and Geopolitics

Keywords: cultural neuroscience, individualism, collectivism, essentialism, binarity, Eurocentrism, postcolonial, self views

Sharon Rodner Sznitman  

University of Haifa

Haifa, Israel

Society > Sociology > Children and Youth

Keywords: African Americans, Health Education, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Mass Media, Mass Screening, risk-taking, Risk Reduction Behavior,...

Femi Rufus Tinuola  

Federal University

Oye Ekiti, Nigeria

Matthias Trendtel  

TU München

München, Germany

Science > Statistics > Statistics in Science

Keywords: Asymptotic Theory, Resampling Methods, visualization, Linear Optimization, Nonlinear Programming, graph theory, Risk Management, Portfolio Management,...

Heather Turner  

University of North Texas

Denton, USA

Society > Education > Educational Psychology

Keywords: multicollinearity, multiple regression

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