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Lawrence J Abraham

University of Western Australia
Perth, Australia

Keywords:  Early Growth Response Protein 1, Hep G2 Cells, Hepatocytes, Lymphotoxin-beta, NF-kappa B, Protein Multimerization, Proto-Oncogene Protein c-ets-1, Sp1 Transcription Factor...


Daniel Austin  

Oregon Health & Science University


Science > Statistics > Statistical Learning and Data Mining

Keywords: Technology, in-home monitoring, self-report assessments, Boolean network, Groebner basis, Basin of attraction, Prime decomposition, asynchronous network,...

Silvia Bonacina  

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: Rhythm, developmental dyslexia, auditory processing, intervention

Frederick G. Conrad  

University of Michigan


Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: Disclosure, survey research, interviewing, cognition and survey research, Behavior, Data Collection, Mental Processes, Models, Psychological, Medicine,...

Swathi Iyer  

Oregon Health and Science University

Portland, USA

Engineering > Biotechnology and Bioengineering > Biomedical Diagnosis and Technology

Keywords: Basal Ganglia, connectivity, working memory, ADHD

Pauline Johnson  

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada

Health > Immunology > Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Keywords: Antigens, CD44, Antigens, CD45, Hyaluronic Acid, Jurkat Cells, Chondroitin Sulfates, Interleukin-4, Macrophage Activation, Sulfotransferases,...


National Institute of Biomedical Innovation, Laboratory of Adjuvant Innovation

Osaka, Japan

Science > Microbiology > Microbial Immunology

Keywords: microbial immunology, Vaccines, Adjuvants, Immunologic, Particle size, Administration, Oral, Vaccines, DNA, Vaccines, Subunit, Vaccines, Synthetic, Vaccinia...

S N Kazi  

University of Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Engineering > Mechanical and Industrial Engineering > Thermal Systems and Heat Transfer

Keywords: heat transfer, heat exchanger fouling mitigation, Flow separation, particle characterization

Michael Richard F. Lee  

University of Bristol

United Kingdom

Health > Veterinary Science > Animal Nutrition

Keywords: Lipolysis, Proteolysis, Rumen, Polyphenol oxidase, Biohydrogenation

Risheng Ma  

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Science > Cell and Developmental Biology > Stem Cell Research

Keywords: Thyroid Gland, Dexamethasone, Embryonic Stem Cells, Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor, Osteoclasts, RANK Ligand, Receptors, Thyrotropin, Thyrotropin,...

Alberto Magi  

University of Florence

Florence, Italy

Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Keywords: Gene Dosage, Gene Duplication, Gene Rearrangement, Genome-Wide Association Study, In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence, Intellectual Disability,...

Lindsay M Mahovetz  

Georgia State University

Atlanta, USA

Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: handedness, Primate, hemispheric specialization, grasping, grip morphology

Anna Martin  

Doctorate Student / Research Assistant

Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

Science > Psychology > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Neuroimaging Meta-analysis, reading research, Neuroimaging, VWFA, developmental dyslexia, functional magnetic resonance imaging, Visual Perspective Taking...

David Mathar  

Integrated Research and Treatment Center Adiposity Diseases

Leipzig, Germany

Science > Neuroscience > Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: Leptin, voxel-based morphometry, brain structure, Iowa Gambling Task, reward system, Gender difference

Lisa Mosconi  

New York University School of Medicine

New York, USA

Keywords: Illusion, somatosensory perception, spatiotemporal integration

Roland Nau  

Dept. of Neuropathology, University Hospital

Göttingen, Germany

Health > Neurology > General Neurology

Keywords: Acetylmuramyl-Alanyl-Isoglutamine, Adjuvants, Immunologic, Cytotoxicity, Immunologic, Escherichia coli Infections, Nod2 Signaling Adaptor Protein,...

Nikolaos Petsas  

Sapienza University of Rome

Rome, Italy

Health > Neurology > Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology

Keywords: Multiple Sclerosis, balance, Vision, lesions, Disability, posturography, center of pressure displacement, Accidental Falls, Brain Stem,...

Arkadiusz Przybysz  

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Warszawa, Poland

Science > Physiology > Plant Physiology

Keywords: Growth and Development, yield, water status, biomass accumulation, efficiency of photosynthetic apparatus, nitrophenolates, yield parameters

Anita Schürch  

Department of Medical Microbiology, University Medical Center Utrecht


Science > Microbiology > Infectious Diseases

Keywords: Drug Resistance, Bacterial, Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Picobirnavirus, Respiratory System, RNA Replicase,...

Sen Song  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Keywords: Classification, Mammals, Phylogeography, Likelihood Functions, Bayes Theorem, Anion Transport Proteins, Electrochemistry, Equipment Design, Interferometry,...

Keywords: oculomotor system, natural statistics, cerebellar vermis, saccade adaptation, multiple-timescale adaptation, Real-time, MATLAB, Multi-Electrode Array...

Matthijs Venselaar  



Engineering > ICT > Software Engineering

Keywords: navigation, virtual reality, Ecological Validity, survey knowledge, route knowledge

Jiawen Wu  



Science > Plant Science > Plant Nutrition

Keywords: Hypocotyl, root growth, cyclin, SlCycA3, Cadmium, Manganese, antioxidant, Compartmentation, detoxification, Silicon, organic acid, Antioxidant Defense...

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