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Julie Louise Davies

Bangor University
Bangor, United Kingdom

Keywords:  Intuition, Psychotherapy, Prejudice, Emotion-based learning, episodic-memory.


Charna Dibner  

University of Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Science > Physiology > Human Physiology

Keywords: 3T3 Cells, Acetylation, Alpha-Amanitin, Animals, Genetically Modified, Antigens, Differentiation, ARNTL Transcription Factors,...

Keywords: functional connectivity, Expression, group ICA, major depression, Resting-state fMRI

Sage E Hawn  

Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, Virginia Commonwealth University


Science > Psychology > Clinical Psychology

Keywords: cortisol, stressor, virtual reality, stress reactivity, Trier Social Stress Test

Peter Holmans  

Cardiff University

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Fay Horak  

Oregon Health & Science University

Portland, USA

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: balance, vestibular, Compensation, unilateral, Proprioception, Somatosensory Cortex, Somatosensory Disorders, White matter pathways,...

Keywords: Rhythm, timing, musicians, musical training, transfer effects, Speech Processing

Yuxiang Jiang  

Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Scisences


Science > Plant Science > Plant Cell Biology

Keywords: Pollen Tube, Actin, formin, adf, Villin, actin-binding protein, fimbrin

Ada Le  

University of Toronto Scarborough

Toronto, Canada

Science > Psychology > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Contrast Sensitivity, grasping, bimanual coordination, bimanual grasping, lateralization, hemispheric specialization, contralateral, visual field effect,...

Baptist Liefooghe  

Ghent University

Ghent, Belgium

Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: cognitive control, task switching, affective stimuli, emotional control, IAPS, voluntary task switching, Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity,...

Joana Lourenco  



Science > Psychology > Cognition

Keywords: metacognition, prospective memory, Task interference, attention allocation policy, tacit demands, anticipated demands

Jacques Magdalou  

UMR 7365 CNRS-Université de Lorraine "Ingénierie Moléculaire, Physiopathologie Articulaire"

Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France

Engineering > Bioengineering and Biotechnology > Biomolecular Engineering

Keywords: Blood-Brain Barrier, UDP-glucuronosyltransferases, detoxication barrier, drug glucuronidation, glucuronidation of endogenous compounds

Emanuelle Mamroud  

Israel Institute for Biological Research

Ness-Ziona, Israel

Science > Microbiology > Microbial Immunology

Keywords: Bone Marrow, Infection, Plague, CXCR4, Y. pestis, SDF-1, HSPC

Mariko Okada-Hatakeyama  


Yokohama, Japan

Science > Biochemistry and Molecular Biology > Signal Transductions

Keywords: oscillation, synchrony, MAPK, phase response analysis, Fluorescent Dyes, HeLa Cells, Microscopy, Fluorescence, Neuregulin-1, Receptor, Epidermal Growth Factor,...

Oluwatobi Emmanuel Oni  

University of Bremen


Science > Microbiology > Microbiological Chemistry and Geomicrobiology

Keywords: microbial ecology, Microbiology and Biotechnology, North Sea, pyrosequencing, Methanogens, subsurface sediments, ANME, anaerobic oxidation of methane,...

Anna Pacholczyk  

University of Manchester

Manchester, United Kingdom

Culture > Philosophy > Moral Philosophy and Ethics

Keywords: Deep Brain Stimulation, Ethics, enhancement

Nitesh Patel  

Barts Health NHS Trust

United Kingdom

Health > Surgery > Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Keywords: Tinnitus, Tinnitus treatment, Neuromodulation, Tinnitus therapy, Acoustic CR Neuromodulation

Donja Rodic  

University of Basel


Science > Psychology > Clinical Psychology

Keywords: Comorbidity, major depression, depressive symptoms, Co-Occurrence, Mental-physical, Physical diseases, mental-somatic

Zachary Roper  

University of Iowa

Iowa City, USA

Science > Psychology > Cognition

Keywords: selective attention, visual working memory, Visual awareness, perceptual load, attentional capture, reward processing, visual search, visual short-term memory,...

Gino Saccone  

Flinders University

Adelaide, Australia

Science > Neuroscience > Enteric Neuroscience

Keywords: Anal Canal, Endosonography, Fecal Incontinence, Manometry, Choline O-Acetyltransferase, Gallbladder, Nitric Oxide Synthase, Opossums, Australia,...

Alan Pierre Skarbnik  

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Philadelphia, USA

Health > Oncology > Hematology Oncology

Keywords: T-cell lymphoma, ALCL, Bortezomib, Lenalidomide, PTCL, Brentuximab vedotin, Pralatrexate, Romidepsin, alisertib, zanolimumab

Yasuaki Tamada  

R&D Division, Paris Miki Inc.

Himeji, Japan

Juan Fernández Trijueque  

Spanish Council of Scientific Research

Spain, Spain

Science > Plant Science > Plant Physiology

Keywords: Molecular Biology, plant science, plant physiology, Biotechnology, Carbon Metabolism, redox signaling, thioredoxin

James Edgeworth Ussher  

University of Otago

New Zealand

Health > Immunology > Microbial Immunology

Keywords: Bacteremia, beta-Lactamases, Enterobacter cloacae, Enterobacteriaceae, Enterobacteriaceae Infections, Hospitalization, Intensive Care, Klebsiella pneumoniae...

Myriam Villeneuve  

McGill University


Health > Rehabilitation > Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Keywords: Paresis, Rehabilitation, Cerebrovascular Accident

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