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Anat Ben-Simon

National Institute for Testing & Evaluation
Jerusalem, Israel

Keywords:  Field Dependence-Independence, auditory, visual, diagnosis, ADHD, validity, Distractibility, CPT


Stephane Berghmans  

Center for Innovation in Medicine

Liege, Belgium

Society > Business > Non-Profit Management

Keywords: Mental Health, Psychiatry, human brain, Treatment, neurotechnology, prevention, Translational research, Research Policy

Andrea Elaine Bombak  

Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Health Behavior, health behavior change, lifestyle factors, Self-rated health (SRH), health measures

Felicity Callard  

Durham University

London, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Attitude to Health, Biomedical Research, Community Mental Health Services, Computer Security, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Databases, Factual, Drama,...

Andrew M Farrell  

Aston University

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Services Marketing, Marketing, Research Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Sociology, Leadership

Heidi Figueroa  

Estudi de Música Franz Liszt

Barcelona, Spain

Society > Social Work > Gerontology

Keywords: Quality of Life, training, Elderly, brain plasticity, Cognitive Function, piano

Jennifer R. Fishman  

McGill University

Montreal, Canada

Society > Sociology > Medical Sociology

Keywords: Biomedical Research, Geriatrics, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Preventive Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Prejudice, qualitative research,...

Stefan Hennemann  

PD Dr.

Justus-Liebig-University Giessen

Giessen, Germany

Society > Geography > Economic Geography

Keywords: knowledge networks, Global Science Collaboration, Research Policy, Innovation Systems, Globalization and World Cities, Network Science, collaboration,...

Kai Hiraishi  

Kyoto University

Kyoto, Japan

Science > Psychology > Evolutionary Psychology

Keywords: Altruism, Behavior Genetics, cooperation, individual differences, twin study, Personality

Yushi Jiang  

National University of Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Society > Economics > Microeconomics

Keywords: Altruism, polymorphism, gene x environment interaction, DRD4, prosociality, G x E

Alys Jordan  

University of Alaska Fairbank

Fairbank, USA

Society > Education > Continuing Education

Keywords: education technology, Library, organization leadership, Religion, culture, Culture Media, Evaluation Studies as Topic, Educational Status, Women, Working,...

Hooi Hooi Lean  

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

Society > Economics > Financial Economics

Keywords: energy economics. energy accounting. energy and environment, financial economics, Asia economics, Wine, risk, Efficient Market Hypothesis, monthly effect, GARCH,...

Science > Psychology

Keywords: Biophysics, conciencious robots, neurotechnology, neurogenetic - cognitive, robotic for disables, MILITARY STRATEGICS, TACTICS, GAMES THEORY

Rahat Naqvi  

University of Calgary

Calgary, Canada

Society > Education > Bilingual and Multilingual Education

Keywords: dual-language books emergent literacy cultural and linguistic diversity, Alberta, multiculturalism, bilingual pedagogy, cross linguistic transfer...

Health > Veterinary Medicine > Laboratory Animal Medicine

Keywords: laboratory animal welfare, Alismataceae, Baldellia, Damasonium, Victim support, burrowing, C57BL/6J mice, pain assessment, post-laparotomy pain,...

Joseph Ornstein  

The Brookings Institution

Washington, USA

Society > Economics > Macroeconomics

Keywords: computational modeling, Reward Learning, food choice, temporal difference learning

Anne Odile Peschel  

Aarhus University

Aarhus, Denmark

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: visual attention, advertising, saliency, surface size

Hilke Plassmann  


Fontainebleau, France

Science > Neuroscience > Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: Behavioral Decision-Making, consumer behavior, Self-Control, Value-based Decision Making, linear models, Models, Economic, Random Allocation, Observer Variation,...

Marianna Pogosyan  

Intercultural Consulting

Zurich, Switzerland

Society > Communication Studies > Communication and Culture

Keywords: Russia, Emotion Perception, positive affect, culture, USA, cross-cultural differences, affect intensity, Categorization, emotion, cognitive styles,...

Brian R Rappert  

University of Exeter

Exeter, United Kingdom

Society > Sociology > Peace, War and Social Conflict

Keywords: Biological Warfare, Biomedical Research, Biotechnology, Bioterrorism, Codes of Ethics, Ethics, Professional, Ethics, Research, Explosive Agents,...

Berta Schnettler  

Universidad de La Frontera

Temuco, Chile

Society > Management > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: Chile, Choice Behavior, Food, Food Habits, Life Style, Socioeconomic Factors, culture, Acculturation, Consumer Satisfaction, Functional Food, Health Knowledge,...

Pat Tissington  

Birkbeck College University of London

London, United Kingdom

Society > Business > Human Resources and Organization

Keywords: Social Media, Learning, teams, pedagogy, games, Commercial Video Games, COTS, DGBL, Digital, Digital Game Based Learning, Edutainment

Heather Turner  

University of North Texas

Denton, USA

Society > Education > Educational Psychology

Keywords: multicollinearity, multiple regression

Willem J.M.I. Verbeke  

Erasmus School of Economics

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Society > Business > Marketing and Sales

Keywords: fMRI, Endocrinology, Genetics, Animal Models, EEG, people in organizations, hyperscanning, Oxytocin, connectivity, Granger causality, genomic imaging, OXTR...

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