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Luigi Francesco Agnati

University of Modena Italy
Pesaro, Italy

Keywords:  GPCRs, extrasynaptic, neurotransmission, receptor-receptor interactions, volume transmission, G protein coupled receptors, striatal networks, heteromers...


Veerle Baekelandt  

KU Leuven

Leuven, Belgium

Science > Neuroscience > Aging Neuroscience

Keywords: Adenosine Triphosphate, alpha-Synuclein, Blood Vessels, Carbon Radioisotopes, Cell Membrane Permeability, Cell Tracking, Chromatography, Circular Dichroism,...

Philip M Bauer  

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, USA

Pascal Bernatchez  

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada

Science > Pharmacology > Cardiovascular and Smooth Muscle Pharmacology

Keywords: Caveolae, cardiovascular disease, Cardioprotection, caveolin-1, caveolin therapeutics, Caveolin-3

Elizabeth E Brown  

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Birmingham, USA

Health > Public Health > Epidemiology and Toxicology

Keywords: genetic epidemiology, B cells, lupus, BCR, Fine-mapping, PXK

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Data Mining, functional magnetic resonance imaging, functional connectivity, Independent Component Analysis, connectome, resting-state,...

M. J. De Dreu  

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Research Institute MOVE, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Pedro Cunha De Holanda  

Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Campinas, Brazil

Scott J Harper  

University of Florida

Lake Alfred, USA

Science > Microbiology > Virology

Keywords: evolution, recombination, divergence, Citrus tristeza virus, Strain, Citrus, Disease, host-interactions, stem pitting, seedling yellows

Maria A Jimenez  

Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA)


Science > Environmental Science > Atmospheric Science

Keywords: Meteorology, boundary layer, Atlantic Ocean, bioaerosols, Airborne microorganisms, microbial dispersal, air-sea exchange

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: MEG, Decoding, visual category learning, cortical time course, category discriminability, visually-similar categories, subordinate categorization...

Ichiro Kuriki  

Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University

Sendai, Japan

Science > Psychology > Perception Science

Keywords: retinal coordinates, self-motion, Viewpoint, Cataract Extraction, Color Vision Defects, Fixation, Ocular, Optical Illusions, Color Perception,...

Margaret Grace McCue  

Nathan Kline Institute

Orangeburg, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Anxiety, Avoidance Learning, Freezing, pavlovian, transfer, avoidance, Instrumental, Ultrasonic, Medial

Victoria Michael  

Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen


Science > Marine Science > Marine Ecosystem Ecology

Keywords: Reactive Oxygen Species, Starvation, aerobic anoxygenic photosynthesis, Chlorophyll a biosynthesis, Plasmid-maintenance, light-stress adaptation

Hozumi Motohashi  

Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

Sendai, Japan

Health > Oncology > Cancer Genetics

Keywords: Glutathione, stress response, tran, redox homeostasis, purine nucleotide

Li-Lin Rao  

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Science > Psychology > Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: functional magnetic resonance imaging, sex difference, fairness, ultimatum game, functional connectivity, resting state, insula, lateral prefrontal cortex,...

Keywords: Urinary Bladder, Mouse, awake recording, sensory signaling

Maria M. Romeiras  

Tropical Research Institution (IICT). Travessa Conde da Ribeira 9, 1300-142 Lisbon, Portugal


Science > Ecology and Evolution > Phylogenetics, Phylogenomics, and Systematics

Keywords: Conservation of Natural Resources, Data Collection, Databases as Topic, Ethnobotany, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Medicine, African Traditional,...

Estate M Sokhadze  

University of Louisville

Louisville, USA

Health > Psychiatry > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic, wavelet analysis, Bipolar Disorder, Event-Related Potentials, P300, Psychiatric Status Rating Scales, Facial Expression...

Keywords: Wakefulness, Ontogeny, sleep-wake cycles, danio rerio, bout structure

Stephan Von Horsten  

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Erlangen, Germany

Health > Neurology > Neurodegeneration

Keywords: Huntington Disease, Huntington's disease, animal model, transgenic, Long-term memory, latency, nonsensory factors, Sensitivity, temporal bisection,...

Steffen Waldherr  

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Magdeburg, Germany

Rebecca A Williamson  

Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA, USA

Science > Psychology > Developmental Psychology

Keywords: Imitation, Theory of Mind, preschool-aged children, toddlers, cognitive development, social cognition, judgment & decision making, Child Development,...

Giles Yeo  

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Science > Genetics > Molecular Genetics

Keywords: 3' Untranslated Regions, 3T3 Cells, Acanthosis Nigricans, Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing, Adaptor Proteins, Vesicular Transport, Adipocytes...

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