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Daniel Brüderle

Keywords:  Computers, Nervous System, simulation, modeling, robustness, olfactory system, Neuromorphic, Self-regulation, computational neuroscience, interoperability...


Carolina Cefaliello  

University of Naples Federico II


Science > Neuroscience > Molecular Neuroscience

Keywords: Nerve Endings, Protein Biosynthesis, Avoidance Learning, Cerebrum, GABA Plasma Membrane Transport Proteins, Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein,...

Timothy A Chan  

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

New York, USA

Anissa SH Chan  


Eagan, USA

Health > Immunology > Immunological Regulation

Keywords: C3, CR3, opsonization, β-glucans

Brian S Clark  

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, USA

Science > Cell and Developmental Biology > Polarity and Morphogenesis

Keywords: Body Patterning, Cell Communication, Cell Polarity, Embryo, Nonmammalian, Microtubules, Neural Tube, Neurulation, rab GTP-Binding Proteins, Zebrafish Proteins...

Kevin Demeure  

CRP Santé (Luxembourg)


Science > Molecular Biosciences > Proteomics

Keywords: Proteomics, mass spectrometry based proteomics, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, ESI-MS/MS, Orbitrap, LC-MS/MS, bioinformatics, C#, C++, Visual Studio, SQLite,...

Teuta Domi  

San Raffaele Hospital

Milano, Italy

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroanatomy

Keywords: Brachial Plexus, peripheral nerve, motor fibers, pectoral nerves, medial anterior thoracic nerve, lateral anterior thoracic nerve, rat anatomy

Howard Fearnhead  

National University of Ireland Galway

Galway, Ireland

Science > Pharmacology > Cancer Molecular Targets and Therapeutics

Keywords: Autophagy, I-kappa B Proteins, NF-kappa B, NIH 3T3 Cells, Phagosomes, differentiation, proliferation, myogenesis, non-apoptotic

Pamela M Greenwood  

George Mason University


Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: cognitive training, tDCS, Attention Networks, multi-task, task acquisition, Executive Function, BDNF, physical activity, Mediation analysis,...

Angela Lange  

University of Toronto Mississauga

Mississauga, Canada

Health > Endocrinology > Comparative Endocrinology

Keywords: invertebrate, Peptides, Amines, second messengers, reproductive organs, Heart, Hormones, insect, Muscle Contraction, receptor assay, reproductive tissues,...

Christopher Loffredo  

Georgetown University

Washington DC, USA

Corrina Maguinness  

Trinity College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Science > Psychology > Perception Science

Keywords: Discrimination (Psychology), emotion, perceptual development, object recognition, face recognition, body image, multisensory perception, body recognition,...

Alex Martínez Martí  

Vall d'Hebron University Hospital (Academia, Not-for-profit) Oncology Department. Vall d'Hebron 119-129, 0803508035Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Health > Oncology > Lung Cancer

Keywords: Gene Amplification, mutations, copy number, exon 20, exon 9, NSCLC, p110α, PI3KCA

Andrei Daniel Mihalca  

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Health > Immunology > Veterinary Parasitology

Keywords: veterinary parasitology, vector-borne diseases, Aborted Fetus, Africa, Eastern, Africa, Northern, Animals, Domestic, Animals, Wild, Antibodies, Bacterial,...


Paul Sabatier University


Health > Dentistry > Craniofacial Biology

Keywords: Bone Regeneration, Clinical Trials as Topic, Mesenchymal Stromal Cells, Periodontitis, Tissue Engineering

Simon Oakley  

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Lancaster, United Kingdom

Science > Environmental Science > Plant and Wetland Ecology

Keywords: Soil Organic Carbon, T-RFLP, Upland acidic grassland, substrate-specific respiration, priming effects, substrate carbon use efficiency,...

Antonio Palmeri  

University of Rome Tor Vergata


Science > Genetics > Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Keywords: Trypanosoma, Chemogenomics, Drug Design and Development, kinase inhibitors, Kinase activity modulation, Kinase/Inhibitor inference, cellular signaling,...

Petros Papagerakis  

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, USA

Health > Dentistry > Craniofacial Biology

Keywords: Ameloblasts, Amelogenin, Dental Pulp, Tooth, dental pathology, enamel, odontoblast, Dental injury, carious

Maritza Romero  

Georgia Regents University

Augusta, USA

Health > Medicine > Nephrology

Keywords: Acute Disease, Antigens, CD18, Antigens, CD45, Cell Adhesion, Chemotaxis, Exotoxins, Glomerulonephritis, Histocompatibility Antigens Class II,...

Gene P Siegal  

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Birmingham, USA

Health > Pathology > Anatomic Pathology

Keywords: Ewing sarcoma, tumor banking, interventional radiology, bone tumor, adolescent and young adult, Education, Professional, Peer Review, Syndecan-1, breast cancer,...

Richard Staba  


Los Angeles, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, microelectrode recording, multiunit activity, spike synchronization, interictal epileptiform discharges

Lotta-Riina Sundberg  

University of Jyvaskyla


Science > Microbiology > Aquatic Microbiology

Keywords: Genome Size, Parasitism, Macroparasite, Genomic reduction, Converged evolution, Bacteriophages, DNA, Viral, Fish Diseases, Flavobacteriaceae Infections,...

Mark Walter Szczerba  

University of California, Davis

Davis, USA

Science > Plant Science > Plant Physiology

Keywords: mRNA, siRNA, protein, Genetically engineered, rootstock, scion, trans-grafting

Klára Törő  

Semmelweis University



Professor and Chairman



Science > Physiology > Membrane Physiology and Membrane Biophysics

Keywords: Allosteric Site, Antidepressive Agents, Second-Generation, Citalopram, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Mutagenesis,...

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