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Isehaq Saif Al Huseini

Sultan Qaboos University

Keywords:  Calcium Channel Blockers, Mesenteric Arteries, voltage gated calcium channels, F344 rats


Yan Hua Bing  

Yanbian University


Science > Neuroscience > Cellular Neuroscience

Keywords: plasticity, sensory stimulation, NMDA receptor, cerebellar Purkinje cell, Molecular layer interneuron, endocannabinoids receptor,...

David Bishop  

Victoria University, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Science > Physiology > Exercise Physiology

Keywords: Carnosine, hypoxia, nitrate, Citrate synthase, sprint interval training, Intermittent hypoxic training, muscle fiber type composition,...

Liam Campbell  

University of Manchester

United Kingdom

Science > Plant Science > Molecular Plant Biology

Keywords: Biofuels, Cellulose, Lignin, regulation, Xylan, SCW, lignin engineering, xylan engineering., Cambium, Growth, Meristem, Procambium, xylem., development,...

Chris J Charles  

University of Otago

Christchurch, New Zealand

Caroline Cohrdes  

Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPG)


Science > Psychology > Developmental Psychology

Keywords: image, Optimal Distinctiveness, typicality, Music appreciation, adolescent musical identity, adolescence, social cognition, Social identity theory (SIT),...

Katrina Cooper  

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Stratford, USA

Nedim Covic  

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Science > Sports Science > Exercise Physiology

Keywords: Flexibility, power, strength, Biodex dynamometer, Soccer, Aerobic, cardiorespiratory fitness, High intensity interval training, Intermittent activity...

Lisa A. Doner  

Plymouth State University

Plymouth, USA

Science > Earth Science > Earth Systems Interactions

Keywords: climate, paleoclimate proxies, Limnogeology, Carbon Isotopes, Minnesota, vegetation history, Endogenic iron and manganese, Holocene lake record, Iceland,...

Juanita Engelbrecht  

University of Pretoria

South Africa

Science > Microbiology > Molecular Microbiology

Keywords: Salicylic Acid, Jasmonic acid, expression analysis, NPR1, Avocado, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Pathogenesis-related

Naja Ferjan Ramirez  

University of California, San Diego

San Diego, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Deafness, Magnetic Fields, Magnetoencephalography, sign language, MRI, spoken word recognition, modality, Second Language Acquisition, proficiency

Kátia de Meirelles Felizola Freire  

Federal University of Sergipe


Science > Marine Science > Marine Fisheries, Aquaculture and Living Resources

Keywords: Population Dynamics, gonadosomatic index, Sex ratio, fish reproduction, Spawning season, Reproductive load, size at first maturity, critical period,...

Romina Jozefa Gentier  

Maastricht University

Maastricht, Netherlands

Health > Neurology > Alzheimer's Disease

Keywords: Alzheimer's disease, proteasomal dysfunction, neurodegeneration, Immunohistochemistry, human, UBB+1, Neuroanatomy, Mapping & Localization, mouse models,...

Ali M Harandi  

University of Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

Health > Immunology > Immunotherapies and Vaccines

Keywords: Adjuvants, Immunologic, Administration, Intranasal, Antibodies, Neutralizing, Antibodies, Viral, Drug Combinations, Herpes Genitalis,...

Damien Keating  

Flinders University

Adelaide, Australia

Health > Neurology > Autonomic Neuroscience

Keywords: Electrochemical Techniques, Norepinephrine, Nucleus Accumbens, Septal Nuclei, Colon, Dilatation, Pathologic, Enterochromaffin Cells, Intestinal Mucosa,...

Charlotte Lamirault  



Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Huntington Disease, decision-making, impulsivity, delay discounting, gambling task, DrL


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte


Science > Neuroscience > Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience

Keywords: Pitch Perception, absolute pitch, Perfect pitch, pitch identification, Pitch class, music proficiency, pitch-naming test

Wei Liu  



Science > Microbiology > Bacteriology

Keywords: Acinetobacter baumannii, Molecular Epidemiology, specificity, LAMP, Sensitivity, Carbapenem resistance, RT-LAMP, L1 metallo-β-lactamase, S. maltophilia,...

Ettore Mosca  

Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR)

Segrate (MI), Italy

Science > Cell Science > Bioinformatics

Keywords: Cell Cycle Proteins, Citrates, Data Mining, Databases, Genetic, Databases, Nucleic Acid, Genes, Genes, cdc, Glycolysis, Kidney Calculi, Medical Informatics,...

Aristides (Aris) Moustakas  


Queen Mary University of London

London, United Kingdom

Science > Environmental Science > Environmental Informatics

Keywords: Individual Based Models, Agent Based Modelling, Spatial Ecology, Statistical Modelling, fire, Validation, Computer simulation model, experimental design...

Pratap Kumar Pati  

Guru Nanak Dev University


Science > Plant Science > Plant Biotechnology

Keywords: Brassinosteroids, development, signaling, crosstalk, plant hormones, Chlorpyrifos, Reactive Oxygen Species, Salinity, imidacloprid, 28-Homobrassinolide,...

William Alfred Phillips  

University of Stirling

stirling, United Kingdom

Science > Psychology > Neuropsychology

Keywords: Vision, perceptual grouping, coherence, cortical computation, cognitive coordination, context-sensitivity, gain-control, self-organization, coordination,...

Hitoshi Sohma  

Sapporo Medical University

Sapporo, Japan

Science > Biochemistry and Molecular Biology > Signal Transductions

Keywords: Annexin A5, Alzheimer Disease, Calcium, Models, Animal, Calcium Signaling, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer’s disease, APOE, ROC Curve, Plasma biomarker,...

Matthew Woolhouse  

McMaster University

Hamilton, Canada

Humanities > Arts > Dance and Technology

Keywords: synchronization, Person Perception, entrainment, music and dance, probe-tone technique, interval cycles, Interval-cycle proximity, Krumhansl, Tonal attraction...

Liping Zhu  

Shandong Normal University


Science > Psychology > Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: risky decision making, social comparison, Social reference points, Social framing, Peer group influence

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