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Cristine Chaves Barreto

Universidade Catolica de Brasilia
Brasilia, Brazil

Keywords:  diversity, Ecology, Enzymes, Hydrolases, Soil Microbiology, wastewater treatment, Acetylglucosamine, Chitin, Chitinase, Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel...

Ph.d. in Organismic and evolutionary biology from University of Massachusetts at Amherst . Has experience in Microbiology, acting on the following subjects: Bacterial diversity, microbial...


Monsef Benkirane  

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Montpellier, France

Science > Biochemistry and Molecular Biology > Nucleic Acids

Keywords: HIV, G2/M arrest, Vpr, innate immunity, DNA damage response, SLX4 complex

Teresa Caprile  

University of Concepcion

concepcion, Chile

Science > Cell and Developmental Biology > Cellular Neuroscience

Keywords: Antigens, CD29, Ascorbic Acid, Biogenic Monoamines, Biological Transport, Active, Brain Neoplasms, Brain Stem, Cell Adhesion Molecules, Neuronal,...

David J Clark  

Malcom Randall VA Medical Center

Gainesville, FL, USA

Health > Rehabilitation > Physiotherapy

Keywords: balance, mobility, somatosensory, Muscle Weakness, Electromyography, Walking

Jonathan A Coles  

Université Joseph Fourier

Grenoble, France

Science > Neuroscience > Neuroenergetics

Keywords: Energy Metabolism, ammonium, Glioma, pH, Lactate

Fernanda M Consolim-Colombo  

Heart Institute, Medical School of University of São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Health > Medicine > Cardiovascular Medicine

Keywords: Autonomic Nervous System, Cross-Sectional Studies, Endothelium, Vascular, Endothelium, Cardiovascular Diseases, Brazil, Sympathetic Nervous System,...

Benjamin Andrew Evans  

PhD in Medical Microbiology

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Science > Microbiology > Antimicrobials, Resistance and Chemotherapy

Keywords: Acinetobacter, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Carbapenem resistance, carbapenemase, beta-Lactamases, beta-Lactam Resistance, natural transformation, recombination...

Maria Filippou  



Health > Neurology > Neurocritical and Neurohospitalist Care

Keywords: Brain Injuries, Cross Infection, Greece, Neurosurgical Procedures, Respiratory Tract Infections, Surgical Wound Infection, DTI, Rehabilitation, Atrophy,...

Benjamin Hayden  

University of Rochester

Rochester, NY, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Decision Neuroscience

Keywords: Adaptation, Psychological, Attitude, Beverages, Choice Behavior, Conditioning (Psychology), Conditioning, Operant, Discrimination (Psychology), Electrodes,...

Sharan Srinivas Jagathrakshakan  


Chennai, India

Science > Neuroscience > Computational Neuroscience

Keywords: Intracellular Energetics, Space-Time, Voltage Spike, Wavelet Transformations, Kreb's Cycle, Neuroimaging, Alzheimer's disease, ATP, computational neuroscience...

Sonali Kapse-Mistry  

Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy (BNCP)

Mumbai, India

Science > Drug Development > Pharmaceutical Preparations

Keywords: Tumor Microenvironment, multidrug resistance, drug efflux pumps, nanodrug delivery systems, theragnostic

Maria Kazimirova  

Institute of Zoology, Slovak Academy od Sciences

Bratislava, Slovakia

Science > Zoological Science > Parasitology

Keywords: Ticks, Salivary Proteins and Peptides, tick-host-pathogen interactions, Immunomodulation, Saliva, pathogen, transmission

Kristi Anne Kohlmeier  

University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Science > Neuroscience > Neuropharmacology

Keywords: Locus Coeruleus, dorsal raphe nucleus, Ca2+ signaling, whole-cell patch-clamp recording, laterodorsal tegmental nucleus

Yan Li  

Southern Medical University, China

Guangzhou, China

Chia-Jyi Liu  

National Changhau University of Education

Changhua, Taiwan

Science > Physics > Solid-State

Keywords: Manganese Compounds, Physicochemical Phenomena, X-Ray Diffraction, Thermal Conductivity, thermoelectrics, highTc superconductor, Materials Chemistry & Physics...

Murray Maybery  

University of Western Australia

Perth, Australia

Science > Psychology > Developmental Psychology

Keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorders, heterogeneity, SSRIs, autism phenotype, low-birthweight, functional Transcranial Doppler (fTCD), visuospatial memory,...

Joanna Putterill  

University of Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Science > Plant Science > Plant Evolution and Development

Keywords: Acclimatization, Acyltransferases, Agriculture, Autoradiography, Baculoviridae, Biological Clocks, Blotting, Northern, Brassica, Caenorhabditis elegans...

Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas  

Hospital Universitario de Getafe

Getafe (MADRID), Spain

Health > Public Health > Gerontology

Keywords: endothelial dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, senescence

Ariel Rokem  

Stanford University

Stanford, CA, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: Neuroimaging, Neural coding, Acetylcholine, population coding, Perceptual Learning, visual attention, MRI, Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging,...

Debashis Sahoo  

Stanford University

Stanford, USA

Science > Computing > Computers in Science and Medicine

Keywords: Anticarcinogenic Agents, Antigens, CD19, Antigens, CD34, Antigens, Ly, Bone Marrow Cells, Cell Lineage, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, Cytidine Deaminase,...

Malinda Lalitha Suvimal Tantirigama  

University of Otago

Dunedin, New Zealand

Science > Neuroscience > Cellular Neuroscience

Keywords: corticothalamic, morphology, corticostriatal, corticocortical, corticospinal

Bruno Verschuere  

Ghent University

Ghent, Belgium

Science > Psychology > Psychopathology

Keywords: Adaptation, Psychological, Aggression, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Association Learning, Attentional Blink, Audiovisual Aids...

Indra Vythilingam  

University of Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Health > Infectious Diseases > Parasitology

Keywords: Plasmodium knowlesi, Control, vectors, Southeat Asia, Wucheriria bancrofti

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