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Eyal Ben-David

The Hebrew University of Jersualem
Jerusalem, Israel

Keywords:  Autism Spectrum Disorder, de novo mutation, chromatin regulators, phenotypic robustness, common genetic variants


Tamara Berg  

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, USA

Engineering > Robotics and Artificial Intelligence > Machine learning and Automated Reasoning

Keywords: Computer Vision, gaze, scene understanding, object detection, description, image annotation

Juan Burrone  

Kings College London

London, United Kingdom

Science > Neuroscience > Cellular Neuroscience

Keywords: Animals, Genetically Modified, Ankyrins, Biomedical Engineering, Bionics, Biotin, Blindness, Calcium Channels, Calcium Channels, L-Type, Calcium Channels,...

Thomas Conrads  

Scientific Director

Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence

Annandale, USA

Science > Chemistry > Proteins

Keywords: endometrial cancer, PSPHL, racial disparity, 14-3-3 Proteins, Actinin, Adenocarcinoma, African Continental Ancestry Group, Angiogenesis Inhibitors,...

Yves A Dauvilliers  

Hôpital Gui de Chauliac

Montpellier, France

Health > Neurology > Sleep and Chronobiology

Keywords: Accidents, Adjuvants, Anesthesia, Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, Advisory Committees, Airway Obstruction, Amino Acid Substitution, Amyloid, Angola, Anticipation,...

Isabelle Dusart  

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Paris, France

Science > Neuroscience > Developmental Neuroscience

Keywords: Acetylcholinesterase, Afferent Pathways, Alanine, Amino Acid Substitution, Antigens, Antigens, Differentiation, Ataxia, Autophagy, Autoradiography, Axotomy...


Human Reproduction Pathology Service

Padua, Italy

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: N2pc, ERPs, retrieval, search, CDA, N3RS

Jason William Gullifer  

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, USA

Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: bilingualism, lexical access, language switching, sentence context, Cognates, switch costs

Katia Harle  

University of California, San Diego

San Diego, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: cognitive control, Bayesian Models, Inhibitory Control, Ideal observer model

Neeraj Jain  

National Brain Research Centre

Manesar (Haryana), India

Science > Neuroscience > Systems Neuroscience

Keywords: somatosensory system, motor system, plasticity, reorganization, Primate, monkey, rat, rodent, spinal cord injury, Critical Period (Psychology), entropy...

Dominique KAISERLIAN  

Institut National de la Sante et de la recherche Medicale (INSERM)

LYON, France

Kamal Khanna  

University of Connecticut Health Center

Farmington, USA

Health > Immunology > T Cell Biology

Keywords: Bacterial and viral Infection, Imaging the immune response, Leukocyte migration

Charles F. Lynch  

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, USA

Health > Public Health > Epidemiology

Keywords: Cancer, Health-related quality of life (HRQoL), young adult oncology, support service needs, Human papillomavirus, HPV, Penile Cancer

Angelo Maravita  

University of Milano­Bicocca

Milano, Italy

Science > Psychology > Perception Science

Keywords: pariental cortex, somatosensory, peripersonal space, Touch, auditory, multisensory integration, spatial impairments, tactile extinction, Brain-damage,...

Charbel Moussa  

Georgetown University

Washington, USA

Health > Psychiatry > Neurodegeneration

Keywords: Dementia, Tauopathies, tau, TDP-43, Aβ, α-Synuclein, parkin, synucleinopathies

Yasuhito Narita  

Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Graz, Austria

Science > Physics > Plasma Physics

Keywords: Plasma turbulence, wave vector anisotropy, axial asymmetry, ion kinetic scale, observations and numerical simulations

Science > Neuroscience

Keywords: Freezing, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Survival, plasticity, synaptic plasticity, oscillations, neurodegeneration, irradiation, dendro-dendritic, Expression...

David John Studholme  

University of Exeter

Exeter, United Kingdom

Science > Microbiology > Molecular Microbiology

Keywords: Bacterial Secretion Systems, Brassica napus, Glucans, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Oomycetes, Pseudomonas syringae, Genome, Bacterial, Flagellin, Genetic Loci...

Sanne Ten Oever  

Maastricht University

Maastricht, Netherlands

Science > Neuroscience > Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience

Keywords: audiovisual, detection, predictability, Content cues, temporal cues, audiovisual onset differences

Markus von Kienlin  

F. Hoffmann - ­La Roche AG

Basel, Switzerland

Science > Neuroscience > Brain Imaging Methods

Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Dentistry, Operative, Phantoms, Imaging, Tooth, Tooth Extraction, Amyloid beta-Peptides...

F. Wong  

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Baltimore MD, USA

Jiann Wei Yeoh  

The University of Newcastle

Newcastle, Australia

Science > Neuroscience > Synaptic Neuroscience

Keywords: Cocaine, Cocaine-Related Disorders, Synaptic Transmission, Synapses, Immunohistochemistry, animal behaviour, addiction and Addiction Behaviors, orexin,...

Displaying 1 - 25 out of 47576 People


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