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Johanna Alexopoulos

University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Keywords:  Feedback, Psychological, Gambling, social preferences, P300, Altruism, antisocial personality, egoism, feedback processing, FRN, inequality aversion, MFN, ultimatum game...


Pier Luigi Buttigieg  

MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

Bremen, Germany

Science > Microbiology > Molecular Microbial Ecology

Keywords: diversity, next generation sequencing, oligotyping, Minimum Entropy Decomposition, One-Pass decomposition

Nicolas Chen  

Agrocampus Ouest Centre d'Angers

Angers, France

Science > Plant Science > Plant Pathology

Keywords: Centromere, evolution, Genome sequencing, fish, common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, satellite DNA, subtelomere, tandem repeat

Daniel Claassen  

Vanderbilt. University

Nashville, USA

Health > Neurology > Neurodegeneration

Keywords: Parkinson's disease, synchronization, temporal processing, continuation, linear mixed model, Motor Timing, Basal Ganglia

Deirdre A Conroy  

University of Michigan Health System

Michigan, USA

Health > Neurology > Sleep and Chronobiology

Keywords: Alcohol Drinking, Alcohol-Induced Disorders, Alcohols, Antipsychotic Agents, Awareness, Central Nervous System Depressants, Cognitive Therapy,...

Laszlo Csernoch  

University of Debrecen

Debrecen, Hungary

Science > Physiology > Striated Muscle Physiology

Keywords: excitation-contraction coupling, Calcium Signaling, Buffers, Osmolar Concentration, Gene Deletion, Calcium-Transporting ATPases, Calibration, Capsaicin,...

Jan W. De Fockert  

Goldsmiths, University of London

London, United Kingdom

Science > Psychology > Cognitive Science

Keywords: Meta-analysis, selective attention, review, working memory capacity, Distractibility, Working memory load, EEG, executive control, P300...

Jing Feng  

University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Science > Psychology > Cognition

Keywords: Attention, spatial cognition, cognitive training, Aging, human computer interaction

Malte Friese  

Saarland University

Saarbruecken, Germany

Science > Psychology > Consumer Psychology

Keywords: social psychology, individual differences, implicit social cognition, Self-Control, Consumer Psychology, Politics, Social Behavior, stereotyping, Aggression,...

Francesco Giorgino  

Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro

Bari, Italy

Health > Endocrinology > Experimental Diabetes

Keywords: Blood Glucose, Insulin Resistance, Placebos, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Fertilization in Vitro, Pregnancy Outcome, Sperm Injections, Intracytoplasmic,...

Alicja Graczyk  

Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Science > Chemistry > Biochemistry

Keywords: Exocytosis, Membrane Fusion, Palmitic Acids, SNARE Proteins, super-resolution microscopy, storm, STED

Gregory M Holmes  

Penn State University College of Medicine


Science > Neuroscience > Autonomic Neuroscience

Keywords: Gastric Emptying, brain-gut axis, gastric motility, thoracic spinal cord injury, vago-vagal reflexes, Cholecystokinin, Excitatory Postsynaptic Potentials,...

Toshihiro Ito  


University of Michigan Medical School

Ann Arbor, USA

Health > Immunology > Inflammation

Keywords: macrophage, dendritic cell, helper T cell, chemokine, Toll-like receptor, Acquired Immunity, innate immunity, T helper cell, Notch signaling,...

Alaric Kohler  

University of Neuchâtel / Institute of Microtechnology / SAMLAB

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Science > Psychology > Educational Psychology

Keywords: causality, learning process, social interaction, theory of psychology, science education, thought operations, genetic epistemology,...

Sónia Martins  


ICBAS - University of Porto/ University of Aveiro

Porto, Portugal

Science > Psychology > Aging Neuroscience

Keywords: Psychology, clinical psychology, psychological assessment, Validation study, Elderly, Dementia, Delirium, Mood Disorders, Psychoeducation, psychosomatic disease,...

Science > Neuroscience > Behavioral Neuroscience

Keywords: Adrenergic Agents, Amphetamines, Antipsychotic Agents, Arginine Vasopressin, Autistic Disorder, Benzylamines, Brain Chemistry, Catalepsy, Circadian Rhythm...

Amy Perrin-Ross  

Leiden University Medical Center

Leiden, Netherlands

Jorge Reinheimer  

Instituto de Lactología Industrial

Santa Fe, Argentina

Science > Microbiology > Food Microbiology

Keywords: Probiotics, high pressure, biocides, dairy industry, functionality, heat treatments, phage infection, photocatalysis, viability

Isidore Rigoutsos  

Professor and Director, Computational Medicine Center

Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, USA

Science > Molecular Biosciences > Molecular Biology

Keywords: miRNA, tRNA, piRNA, Pancreatic Neoplasms, RNA-Induced Silencing Complex, RNA, Untranslated, RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional,...

Noriyuki Satoh  

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Okinawa, Japan

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Keywords: Blotting, Northern, Ciona intestinalis, Circadian Rhythm, Microarray Analysis, Oxygen Consumption, Chordata, Chromosomes, Nucleolus Organizer Region,...

Yosio Takei  

University of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Kosuke Tsurumi  

Kyoto University


Health > Psychiatry > Addictive Disorders and Behavioral Dyscontrol

Keywords: Addiction, Neuroimaging, insula, Pathological Gambling

Yaffa Yeshurun  

University of Haifa

Haifa, Israel

Science > Psychology > Perception Science

Keywords: perceptual load, task difficulty, distractor interference, Stimulus visibility, Attentional selectivity, Sensory load

Jun-Jie Zhang  

Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wuhan, China

Science > Microbiology > Molecular Microbiology

Keywords: Biodegradation, aromatic, Metabolism, Mechanism, bioremediation, Biodegradation, Environmental, Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Microbial Consortia,...

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