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Wishwas Ravindra Abhyankar

University of Amsterdam

Keywords:  Microbiology Research, Bacterial endospores, Food Microbiology, microbial risk assessment, Bacillus, Bacillus subtilis, B. cereus ATCC 14579, Clostridium, C. difficile 630...


Gonzalo Raul Acevedo  

National Scientific and Technical Research Council


Health > Immunology > Cellular and Molecular Immunology

Keywords: Celiac Disease, Secretory Pathway, vacuolar sorting, Human tissue transglutaminase, elastin like proteins

Neeraj Agarwal  

Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah

Salt lake City, USA

Health > Oncology > Genitourinary Oncology

Keywords: prostate cancer, Body Mass Index, recurrent, Familiality, UPDB

John Beier  

University of Miami

Miami, USA

Science > Environmental Science > Environmental Ecology

Keywords: Rift Valley Fever, Live vaccine, Transmission dynamics, Killed vaccine, Seasonality Forces

Francisco M Cánovas  

University of Málaga

Málaga, Spain

Science > Plant Science > Plant Biochemistry

Keywords: 5' Flanking Region, Abscisic Acid, Aerobiosis, Amino Acid Oxidoreductases, Amino Acids, Amino Acids, Acidic, Amino Acids, Basic, Aminobutyric Acids, Ammonia,...

John D Gehman  

Australian Research Council Future Fellow

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Science > Biochemistry and Molecular Biology > Lipids

Keywords: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biophysics, Calorimetry, spectroscopy, Lipids, Proteins, Membranes, Liposomes, Lysine, Macromolecular Substances, Magnetics,...

David B. Go  

University of Notre Dame


Engineering > Mechanical Engineering > Thermal and Mass Transport

Keywords: heat transfer and fluid flow, Plasma Gases, Discharges, Microplasma, electrohydrodynamics, Electrospray, electrospray ionization, Surface acoustic waves,...

Naomi Jean Goodrich-Hunsaker  

University of California, Davis

Sacramento, USA

Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: X-Linked Genetic Disease, Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein, Movement Disorders, Trinucleotide Repeat Expansion, Sex Characteristics, Endophenotypes,...

Satomi Kanno  

University of Tokyo

bunkyo-ku, Japan

Science > Plant Science > Plant Nutrition

Keywords: Phosphorus, plant, transporters, Mineral nutrition, Phosphate uptake, PHT1, transcriptional and post-translational regulation

Ki-Tae Kim  

Seoul National University

Korea (South)

Science > Microbiology > Fungi and Their Interactions

Keywords: Fungi, lifestyle, Effectors, Secretome, small secreted proteins

Paris Laskaris  

University of Florida

Gainesville, USA

Science > Microbiology > Plant-Microbe Interaction

Keywords: Biosynthetic Pathways, Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial, Gene Order, Multigene Family, Phenols, Raphanus, Repressor Proteins, Solanum tuberosum,...

Guillaume Leclercq  


1348, Belgium

Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: EYE MOVEMENT, head movement, reference frames, sensory-motor transformation, target motion, Sensorimotor transformation, reference frame, geometric algebra...

Wei Li  

University of California, Los Angeles


Science > Neuroscience > Human Neuroscience

Keywords: Anorexia Nervosa, Visual Processing, body dysmorphic disorder, Dorsal ventral streams

Honglei Li  

Institute of Botany (CAS)

Beijing, China

Science > Ecology and Evolution > Evolutionary Ecology

Keywords: Dispersal, biogeography, molecular dating, Leguminosae, diversification rate, aridification, habit shift

Luca Marchiol  

University of Udine


Science > Environmental Science > Agroecology and Land Use Systems

Keywords: translocation factor, native species, Bioconcentration factor, Gentle remediation, Zinc smelter, heavy metals, biochar, Mine tailings, Phytostabilization,...

Paula Mouser  

Ohio State University

Columbus, USA

Engineering > Civil and Environmental Engineering > Environmental and Geological Engineering

Keywords: deep subsurface, deep biosphere, contamination, shale, drilling, deep life

Jason T Moyer  

University of Pennsylvania


Science > Neuroscience > Computational Neuroscience

Keywords: Cocaine, Nucleus Accumbens, Rats, Long-Evans, Apamin, Biophysics, Dopamine Uptake Inhibitors, Excitatory Amino Acid Antagonists,...

Jim M O'Mahony  

Cork Institute of Technology


Health > Medicine > Infectious Diseases

Keywords: ELISA, Johne’s disease, PPD, Mycobacteriacea, TB testing, Paratuberculosis, MMP, Johne's disease, codon optimization, MAP antigens, MptD, MAP vaccine,...

Ramiro Martín Perrotta  

Biotechnologu degree


Health > Medicine > Infectious Diseases

Keywords: Nanoparticles, gene delivery, Mechanic parameters

Patsie Polly  

University of New South Wales

Sydney, Australia

Science > Molecular Biosciences > Molecular Interactions

Keywords: 5' Untranslated Regions, Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing, DNA Methylation, Epigenesis, Genetic, Gene Silencing, Genes, Dominant, Genetic Linkage,...

Tatiana A. Rynearson  

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI, USA

Science > Microbiology > Aquatic Microbiology

Keywords: Diatoms, Phytoplankton, Transcriptome, RT-qPCR, housekeeping genes, reference gene, relative gene expression, Thalassiosira pseudonana,...

Sjef Smeekens  

Utrecht University

Utrecht, Netherlands

David Tissue  

Western Sydney University


Science > Plant Science > Plant Physiology

Keywords: plant physiology, soil microbial biomass, Soil respiration, Chihuahuan Desert, Soil available N, Larrea tridentata (creosotebush),...

Arun Upadhyay  

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur


Science > Neuroscience > Molecular Neuroscience

Keywords: Neurodegenerative Diseases, Ageing, contents, itch, E6-AP, Hrd1, Ibuprofen, neurodegeneration, Mitochondrial dysfunction, NSAIDs, Proteasome,...

Yoshio Yamaoka  

Oita University


Science > Microbiology > Cellular and Infection Microbiology

Keywords: Helicobacter pylori, atopic disease, allergy, food allergy, Food sensitivity

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