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Frontiers wins the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing

Frontiers has won the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing in recognition of its Open-Science platform that provides open-access academic publishing and research networking for researchers.

The prestigious award acknowledges the best innovators in the scholarly publishing industry and Frontiers received the top Gold prize at the awards ceremony in London, UK.


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Wind turbines and human health

The association between wind turbines and health effects is highly debated. Some argue that reported health effects are related to wind turbine operation [electromagnetic fields (EMF), shadow flicker, audible noise, low-frequency noise, infrasound]. Others suggest that when turbines...


Cynophobic fear adaptively extends peri-personal space

Peri-personal space (PPS) is defined as the space immediately surrounding our bodies, which is critical in the adaptation of our social behavior. As a space of interaction with the external world, PPS is involved in the control of motor action as well as in the protection of the body. The...


Transition wave in the collapse of the San Saba Bridge

In this paper, we show an unusual, and unexpected to a certain degree, phenomenon of a transition wave in a long collapsing bridge. We also demonstrate the link with a certain class of solutions, known as Bloch waves, in infinite periodic systems, which provide the best description of...


Expression of emotion in music and vocal communication

Two of the most important social skills in humans are the ability to determine the moods of those around us, and to use this to guide our behavior. To accomplish this, we make use of numerous cues. Among the most important are vocal cues from both speech and non-speech...


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