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Parkinson’s Disease: Functional Neurology Approach and Applications

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Background and Aims A 82- year-old male presented to our clinic on 7/27/15complaining of dizziness, low energy, weakness, depression, anxiety, muscle tension, headaches, brain fog, interrupted sleep, incontinence, right hand tremors, stooped posture, difficulty breathing, imbalance, digestive issues, and joint pain. The patient had seen several allopathic and alternative doctors, was put on several medications and supplements but his symptoms kept worsening. The patient fears that his symptoms will make him bedridden and helpless in the next 2 years, and become a burden on his wife and family. Methods The patient had undergone a comprehensive and extensive neurological examination using standard neurological tests and diagnostics including VNG, computerized dynamic posturography, tremorscopic testing. She had bilateral areflexia, orthostatic concomitance, sensorimotor deficiencies, posterior center of pressure (PCOP). She also had positive pathological reflexes. The patient had balance and incoordination issues. Freezing gait, festination and positive Myerson’s Sign. He also had impaired saccadic movements in various planes, and aberrant vertical to horizontal optokinetic. He also had irregular pursuits, bilateral hippus with loss of gaze. A slow systemic Functional Neurology approach was implemented, while monitoring vitals, using various visual, auditory, vestibular, sensory and motor applications, brain based activities, cerebellar activation, home instructions and dietary changes. Results Patient started treatment on 10/20/15. During the first 4 days of treatment the freezing gait, festination hand tremors have resolved. The patient had slept for 8 hours straight and was able to digest better. By the second week of treatment more than 80% of his symptoms including incontinence have resolved. The patient still has 2 more days of treatment to complete his first phase then will be discharged for 3 months. The patient and his wife gave us a testimonial on his progress. Today the patient Parkinson’s disease is not observed.


Gilbert S. Jaudy, DC, FACFN


Gilbert S. Jaudy, DC, FACFN

Keywords: Parkinson Disease, Movement Disorders, Hypokinesia, Tremor, incontinence

Conference: International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience: TBI and Neurodegeneration, Orlando, Florida, United States, 10 Dec - 14 Dec, 2015.

Presentation Type: Poster Presentation

Topic: Case Reports for Poster Presentation

Citation: Jaudy DS (2015). Parkinson’s Disease: Functional Neurology Approach and Applications. Front. Neurol. Conference Abstract: International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience: TBI and Neurodegeneration. doi: 10.3389/conf.fneur.2015.58.00006

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Received: 01 Nov 2015; Published Online: 02 Nov 2015.

* Correspondence: Dr. Dr. Gil S Jaudy, JTC, palm desert, ca, 92211, United States, drjaudy@hotmail.com