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Effective and Affordable Ways of Capturing Reaction Time and EEG to Dedicated Stimuli Using Stand-Alone Devices

  • 1 1AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd, Lab for Human Brain Dynamics, Cyprus
  • 2 European University Cyprus, Cyprus

We report on the evolution of ideas that lead to the development of a new device, named PANDIAS that provides a reliable, accurate and affordable way of studying the responses of individuals to well-defined stimuli and/or in a natural environment away from the artificial laboratory environment. Importantly, the PANDIAS device can be interfaced with standard EEG equipment. We will first describe the evolution of ideas in two separate research projects with a clear and rather narrow goal: the provision of an effective way for early mass screening of children at risk of having learning problems in later school years. In retrospect, we recognize that the problems we encountered and solved are problems that also appear in many applications where laboratory control and accuracy is required in the field of an application outside the strict laboratory conditions. It is then not surprising that the resulting solution to the narrow field problem we tackled can have a wider applicability. We will identify some of the possible applications and indicate how the PANDIAS solution can be applied in each one. As a result, we believe that the PANDIAS solution could make an impact in the way behavioural experiments are performed for single subjects or groups and how accurate behavioural measures can be collected simultaneously with the EEG.


Three projects with partial support the European Regional Development Fund of the E.U.. contributed to this work; the first two managed by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation [enterprises/product/0311/042 and enterprises/product/0609/076] supported the translation and applied research that turned ideas based on basic research to viable practical idea feeding the third, managed by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism under its 2007-2013 program [PANDIAS project no. 59].

Keywords: Reaction Time, EEG/ERP, group testing, personalized testing, testing with non-language stimuli

Conference: SAN2016 Meeting, Corfu, Greece, 6 Oct - 9 Oct, 2016.

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation in SAN 2016 Conference

Topic: Oral Presentations

Citation: Ioannides AA and Papageorgiou G (2016). Effective and Affordable Ways of Capturing Reaction Time and EEG to Dedicated Stimuli Using Stand-Alone Devices. Conference Abstract: SAN2016 Meeting. doi: 10.3389/conf.fnhum.2016.220.00009

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Received: 29 Jul 2016; Published Online: 30 Jul 2016.

* Correspondence: Prof. Andreas A Ioannides, 1AAI Scientific Cultural Services Ltd, Lab for Human Brain Dynamics, Nicosia, 1065, Cyprus, a.ioannides@aaiscs.com