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An open database of EEG data from child epilepsy with postoperational foci localization at eeg.pl/epi

  • 1 University of Warsaw, Department of Physics and Biocenter Oulu,, Poland
  • 2 Memorial Child Hospital, Poland
  • 3 TU Berlin, Germany
  • 4 Fraunhofer FIRST, Germany

Spatial localization of brains electrical activity measured from the skull surface (EEG) is one of the most important and unresolved problems of contemporary electroencephalography. Apart from the inherent non-uniqueness of the inverse problem, there is a great amount of parameters influencing localization errors, like the tissue geometry in the forward model, localization of electrodes, anisotropy of the tissue etc. Assesment of the accuracy and applicability of such solutions is an extremely complicated problem, which requires availability of a large amount of well documented and freely available data.

In certain types of epilepsy, removal of the epileptogenic zone within the brain tissue is the only possible therapy due to drug-resistance. However it is still very difficult to delineate the exact localization of the epileptogenic zone without invasive EEG registration. We present first 20 cases of severe epilepsy cases diagnosed and operated for intractable epilepsy with intraoperative ECoG. These cases provide also unique possibility of verification of the accuracy of the Inverse Solutions computed from the pre-operational surface EEG, owing to the availability of intracranial recordings from the same patients, aimed at foci localization, and post-operational assessment. Records available at http://eeg.pl/epi include:

  • EEG recordings in 10-20 system, containing interictal discharges which are representative for symptomatology and are in spatial relation with the structural pathology, plus scanned printouts of few pages per each recording, containing those epileptogenic structures expliciltly marked by epileptologist
  • MRI recordings containing brain scans with morphologic substrate of the epilepsy (mostly cortical dysplasias, dysplastic tumors etc.)
  • scans of 3 MRI sections per each patient with location of foci, verified by ECoG and post-operational results, marked by epileptologist
  • textual description of each case, containing demographic data of each patient, short anamnesis of epilepsy, essential symptomatology of epileptic fits, additional necessary diagnostic tests results, and concordance report for epilepsy surgery decision

  • Supported from Polish funds for science 2007-2010 grant N407 041 32/1646

Conference: Neuroinformatics 2009, Pilsen, Czechia, 6 Sep - 8 Sep, 2009.

Presentation Type: Poster Presentation

Topic: Electrophysiology

Citation: Durka P, Roszkowski M, Zygierewicz J, Haufe S, Nolte G and Zwolinski P (2009). An open database of EEG data from child epilepsy with postoperational foci localization at eeg.pl/epi. Front. Neur. Conference Abstract: Neuroinformatics 2009. doi: 10.3389/conf.neuro.11.2009.08.065

Received: 22 May 2009; Published Online: 22 May 2009.

* Correspondence: Piotr Durka, University of Warsaw, Department of Physics and Biocenter Oulu,, Granz, Poland, durka@fuw.edu.pl

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