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Frontiers – Summary of Changes to Terms and Conditions

There are no longer separate “conditions for authors”. These conditions are now included in the Frontiers General Conditions. This page now lists the main changes of substance to our conditions for use, registration and article submission.

The new version of the Frontiers terms and conditions (Ts&Cs) comes into force on 12th January 2015. We hope that the new version is easier to read and understand. If you have any queries concerning the new Ts&Cs you are welcome to raise your questions with your regular contact at Frontiers.

We have merged three previously distinct sets of conditions. There are no longer separate set of general conditions, conditions for registered users and conditions for authors; all those conditions are now contained in the same document.

The main changes can be summarised as follows. This summary does not replace the need to read and understand the Ts&Cs themselves.

The Loop research network has now been launched and has its own Ts&Cs. The Frontiers Ts&Cs apply to all Frontiers websites, including Loop; the Loop Ts&Cs, which in some respects overlap with the Frontiers Ts&Cs, contain additional network-specific provisions.

The new conditions make it clear that if you join Loop you are automatically registered with Frontiers, and the other way around, and that you should try to ensure that you have only one profile on Loop and Frontiers.

The email position is clarified: Frontiers may need to send you emails on administrative and legal matters, and would also like to send you emails concerning business issues, such as developments and opportunities offered by the Frontiers platforms. You may opt out of emails, but if you opt out of the administrative and legal emails it will not be possible to register you or to maintain your registration.

We have clarified that the rule against plagiarism also applies to self-plagiarism.

We have clarified that if publication is cancelled due to a breach of the conditions by the author, the publication fee may still be payable.

The prohibition on non-authorised commercial messages has been supplemented with a link to contact us if you wish to advertise on our websites.

Breach of conditions: in addition to the indemnity obligation for breach we have clarified our right to cancel publications and initiatives (such as research topics) in the event of a breach of the Ts&Cs.

We have clarified that amendments to the Ts&Cs may be notified by any appropriate means, which may include emails and/or login notifications. Amendments take effect as soon as the notification has been made available to you, whether or not you put yourself in a position to receive that notification.

In the limitation of liability section we have clarified that you should not rely on information on our websites but should check it for yourself.

In the indemnity section (indemnity for breach of conditions) we have clarified that that Frontiers does not claim a right of indemnity against an author’s employer.

The new Ts&Cs came into force on 12th January 2015.

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January 2015

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