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Optogenetics in the teaching laboratory: using channelrhodopsin2 and Drosophila neurogenetics to teach principles of neuroethology

Optogenetic control of neuronal excitability is a powerful research tool to probe neural networks underlying behaviors. We are adapting ... Stefan R Pulver, Gil Menda, James R Golden, Bruce R Johnson ...

Rose scent: genomics approach to discovering novel floral fragrance-related genes.

For centuries, rose has been the most important crop in the floriculture ... Inna Guterman, Moshe Shalit, Naama Menda, Dan Piestun, Mery Dafny-Yelin, Gil Shalev, Einat Bar, Olga Davydov, Mariana Ovadis ...

Displaying 1 - 2 out of 2 Search Results