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Juan Artigas

Juan Artigas ... Robotics, development, motion capture, Artificial Intelligence Learning, Infant Reaching ... Join the Frontiers Community. Frontiers People highlights some of the most notable researchers ...

Rethinking Motor Development and Learning

I. INTRODUCTION A. Goals Sensorimotor systems generate movements that are compliant and non-repeatable, yet remarkably well-adapted to an unstru..

[Analysis of the Spanish National Registry of Laparoscopic Pancreatic Surgery].

Fernando Pardo, Esteban Cugat, Vicente Artigas, Jorge Olsina, Fernando Rotellar, Angel Carrillo ... Manuel Miras, Salvador Morales-Conde, Salvador Morales-Méndez, Fernando Pereira, Juan Calafell ...

Capillary crystallization and molecular-replacement solution of haemoglobin II from the clam Lucina pectinata.

Haemoglobin II is one of three haemoglobins present in the cytoplasm of the Lucina pectinata mollusc that ... José A Gavira, Walleska de Jesus, Ana Camara-Artigas, Juan López-Garriga, Juan M García-Ruiz ...

Commentary: Attentional control and the self: The Self Attention Network (SAN)

The Self-Attention Network (SAN) model (Humphreys & Sui, 2015) is a recent neurocognitive model to account for self-biases in the allocation of attention. It emerges from psychological ...

Displaying 1 - 5 out of 5 Search Results