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A virtual reality food court to study food selection and identify strategies for change: design and testing

Rationale: Adolescents and young adults have the poorest diets in nations such as the UK and ... Helen Tran, Hermes Pallotta, Sidney Ramos, Junya Liu, Diem Tran, Lyndal Wellard, Jessica Ford, Rafael A ...

Pharmacological mechanism in slip-down behavior of mice.

Slip-down from a raised platform was previously found in ... Yutaka Masuda, Minoru Suzuki, Takaubu Takemura, Junya Sugawara, Naxin Guo, Yang Liu, Yoshihikio Kawarada, Tetsuo Shimizu, Toshihiro Sugiyama ...

Displaying 1 - 2 out of 2 Search Results