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Identification of presynaptic gene clusters in synaptic signaling using functional data from genetic perturbation studies in Hippocampal autapses.

Synaptic gene function is typically studied by measuring the effect of a (genetic) perturbation ... Niels L Cornelisse, Evgeni Tsivtsivadze, Marieke Meijer, Tjeerd Dijkstra, Tom Heskes, Matthijs Verhage ...

Offline and online sexual risk behavior among youth in the Netherlands: Findings from “Sex under the age of 25”

Sexually developing adolescents and emerging adults face sexual health risks as well as potentially negative outcomes of ... Hanneke De Graaf, Mirthe Celine Verbeek, Marieke Van den Borne, Suzanne Meijer ...

LPS-induced downregulation of MRP2 and BSEP in human liver is due to a posttranscriptional process.

Endotoxin-induced cholestasis in rodents is ... Marieke G L Elferink, Peter Olinga, Annelies L Draaisma, Marjolijn T Merema, Klaas Nico Faber, Maarten J H Slooff, Dirk K F Meijer, Geny M M Groothuis ...

Displaying 1 - 3 out of 3 Search Results