Journal Impact Factors

What is the Impact Factor?

A journal's Impact Factor is the average number of citations received in the last year to articles published in the previous two years. It is measured each year by the Web of Science Group and reported in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The JCR analysis released in 2019 is based on citations in 2018 to articles published in 2016 and 2017.

The Journal Impact Factor is often misused as an indicator of an article’s or author’s impact and its use is problematic, including to determine the quality of a journal. High citation rates can have a disproportionate effect on the mean number of citations per paper. For this reason, we are committed to building alternative and comprehensive impact metrics for articles, authors and journals and are a signatory to DORA, supporting the responsible use of journal impact metrics.

Impact Factor 2019: Frontiers journals rank in the top percentiles

38 Frontiers journals are indexed with an Impact Factor in the 2019 JCR update (released by the Web of Science Group in June 2019).

Analysis of Impact Factor rankings. A total of 11,877 journals are indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (2019 JCR update; released by Web of Science Group in June 2019). The analysis here includes the 4,197 journals in the 35 subject categories containing at least one Frontiers journal. Red dots indicate Frontiers journals; grey bars represent all other journals in the category.