We continuously strive to improve the way scientific research is published, evaluated and communicated. All research articles published by Frontiers are open-access and freely available to everyone. Key contact information for journalists and news organizations, as well as Frontiers’ media kit and embargo policy, are available below.

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For general media inquiries, interviews, or to sign-up to receive our news releases, please contact the Frontiers newsroom or phone: +41 21 510 1 704.
If you have a specific media inquiry, you can contact:

  • Corporate media inquiries: Jamie Barclay, Public Relations Manager
  • Science/journal media inquiries: Colm Gorey, Science Communications Manager and Michiel Dijkstra, Science Communications Specialist

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Embargo policy
Frontiers provide embargoed news releases for select research, alongside a full version of the accepted article in PDF format. This is solely for the purpose of preparing news stories, reports or other coverage. Publication should strictly adhere to the embargo specified in the news release. The embargo date and time are clearly marked on all embargoed materials. You may discuss embargoed materials with the article author(s) for the purpose of seeking further information or comment. Media communications teams at authors’ institution(s) may also share embargoed materials. If you share embargoed materials, the embargo date and time must be clearly marked. Authors of an accepted article should only give interviews on the study if the journalist or blogger agrees to abide by this embargo policy. Authors and institutions can manage or discuss media communications with Frontiers, including embargos, using the contact information above.

For further information or clarification, please contact

Using press material
When using materials, please retain the name of the journal. For online publications, please include a reference link to the original article where the full version can be freely accessed by interested parties.

Reproducing figures & other article content
All articles published in Frontiers journals are open-access and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This means you are free to use them – as well as figures, images and any other content – provided you credit the original author(s) and cite the original article. For online use, please also link to the original article. Selling articles is not allowed.