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Front. Cell Dev. Biol. | doi: 10.3389/fcell.2019.00299

Comprehensive identification and characterization of human secretome based on integrative proteomic and transcriptomic data

 Geng Chen1,  Jiwei Chen1, Huanlong Liu1, Shuangguan Chen1, Yang Zhang1, Peng Li1,  Danielle Thierry-Mieg2, Jean Thierry-Mieg2,  William Mattes3,  Baitang Ning3 and  Tieliu Shi1*
  • 1School of Life Sciences, East China Normal University, China
  • 2National Center for Biotechnology Information (NLM), United States
  • 3Division of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, National Center for Toxicological Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, United States

Secreted proteins (SPs) play important roles in diverse important biological processes; however, a comprehensive and high-quality list of human SPs is still lacking. Here we identified 6,943 high-confidence human SPs (3,522 of them are novel) based on 330,427 human proteins derived from databases of UniProt, Ensembl, AceView and RefSeq. Notably, 6,267 of 6,943 (90.3%) SPs have the supporting evidences from a large amount of mass spectrometry and RNA-seq data. We found that the SPs were broadly expressed in diverse tissues as well as human body fluid, and a significant portion of them exhibited tissue-specific expression. Moreover, 14 cancer-specific SPs that their expression levels were significantly associated with the patients’ survival of eight different tumors were identified, which could be potential prognostic biomarkers. Strikingly, 89.21% of 6,943 SPs (2,927 novel SPs) contain known protein domains. Those novel SPs we mainly enriched with the known domains regarding immunity, such as Immunoglobulin V-set and C1-set domain. Specifically, we constructed a user-friendly and freely accessible database, SPRomeDB (, to catalog those SPs. Our comprehensive SP identification and characterization gain insights into human secretome and provide valuable resource for future researches.

Keywords: secreted proteins, Proteome, Transcriptome, RNA-Seq, human secretome

Received: 27 Aug 2019; Accepted: 07 Nov 2019.

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* Correspondence: Prof. Tieliu Shi, School of Life Sciences, East China Normal University, Shanghai, 200241, Shanghai Municipality, China,