A Milestone in Frontiers in Pharmacology: 1,000 Published Papers in the Section Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Edited by: Salvatore Salomone

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889634798

Product Name: Frontiers Theme Book

Frontiers in Pharmacology was launched in 2010, with a number of sections which were eventually reorganized. The founding Field Chief Editor was Prof. Théophile Godfraind, an eminent scientist active in cardiovascular pharmacology, who pioneered the discovery of calcium antagonists. At that time he invited me to serve as Chief Editor for a section named “Analytical and Experimental Pharmacology”. Later on, our section enlarged and was re-named as “Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery” to outline the translational potential of fundamental pharmacological research and theoretical analysis to the improvement of human health, through the invention of novel medicinal products. We are now entering the 10th year of editorial activity, which sees the publication of the 1,000th paper in our section. Such an achievement is very rewarding for us and our community, but it is even more remarkable when placed into the timeline of our development. In fact, in a 10-year frame we have significantly grown in quantity and quality, e.g. both in number of published papers and in scientific impact.

[From a personal perspective by Salvatore Salomone, Specialty Chief Editor]

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