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4th NAMASEN Training Workshop, July 1-4, 2014

Dendrites are thin processes extending from the cell bodies of multiple neuron types. They provide the substrate for inter-neuronal communication as the majority of synaptic connections take place on dendrites. In addition to their role as conducting cables, the dendrites of many neuron types contain a rich repertoire of ionic mechanisms that allow them to perform all sorts of nonlinear computations. As a result, dendrites have been suggested to play a key role in information processing in brain and may even serve as independent processing units. This Workshop brings together scientific leaders from around the world to present their work on molecular, biophysical, anatomical and/or functional studies in dendrites, aiming to further our understanding of how these beautiful structures contribute to different brain functions. With the backdrop of an informal yet spectacular setting on Crete, the meeting has been carefully planned to not only satisfy our scientific curiosity but also foster discussion and encourage interaction between attendees well beyond the traditional presentations.

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