International Conference on Educational Neuroscience

Edited by: Mohamed Fahim, Claudine Habak, Mohamed Seghier

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 978-2-88919-844-3

Product Name: Frontiers Abstract Book

The purpose of the International Conference on Educational Neuroscience is to bridge the gap between education and neuroscience. It offers an outstanding venue for neuroscientists, educationalists, and psychologists to present emerging science in the field of brain, mind and education, learn from experts, collaborate with peers, and to explore new tools and technologies. Specifically, the scope of the conference is to discuss and explore up-to-date research in developmental neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, brain plasticity and learning, and how neuroscience findings can be informative for educational practice, including language processing, reading, mathematics, and several other learning-related cognitive processes. Talk sessions encompassed areas of neuroscience that carry implications for education, including brain plasticity, development, and learning, with leading researchers from across the world invited to give talks. Posters covered various cellular, developmental, and functional topics, including changes in health on brain structure, and on cognitive function, effects of perceptual content on task completion and brain activity, bilingual language processing, neurodegeneration, neuronal plasticity, the monitoring of mathematical skills in an educational setting, and the importance of identifying systemic brain biomarkers for learning difficulties. Brain Products, NIRx, and C&P International kindly sponsored part of the event and provided equipment, software, and licenses, for the practical sessions, which were essential for the EEG and fNIRS data collection sessions. MagVenture also provided equipment and software for the TMS practical session.
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