TAT 2017

Edited by: Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, Congress by design

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 978-2-88945-154-8

Product Name: Frontiers Abstract Book

15th International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT), 6-8 March 2017, Paris France. TAT congresses are medium-sized annual meetings on new molecular targets and innovative cancer therapeutics in the early phases of clinical development, supplemented by associated translational research and drug development methodology. Add to these features the high scientific standards, informal atmosphere, and active participation by the world’s leading phase 1 investigators, and you will understand why the TAT Congress series has become the prime international drug development meeting in oncology. The program of the TAT 2017 Congress features dozens of innovative anticancer agents. Researchers will present new data on dozens of new cancer therapeutics and drug targets in various phases of (pre)clinical development, including phase 1 data that have never been presented before. Some new data from several (ongoing) phase 1 studies will only be presented on-site at the meeting and will not be released post-meeting in any form.

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