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WIN 2016

Edited by: Josep Tabernero, Stephen Friend, Christof von Kalle, Razelle Kurzrock, John Mendelsohn, Gordon B. Mills, Benjamin Neel, Thierry Philip, Richard L. Schilsky, Bin Tean Teh, Thomas Tursz, Vladimir Lazar, Catherine Bresson, Marinus Lobbezoo, Congress by Design

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 978-2-88945-001-5

Product Name: Frontiers Abstract Book

The WIN 2016 Symposium program will elaborate the overarching theme Innovative Approaches to Improve Cancer Patient Outcomes in four plenary sessions, divided over the two days of the meeting: New tools for early diagnosis, selecting therapies and monitoring Innovative clinical trials to substantially improve outcome Relevant models and critical preclinical data before moving to the clinic Translation of big data into clinical opportunities The program will be supplemented by poster viewing sessions, not overlapping with the plenary sessions, and the plenary poster awarding ceremony.

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