Software Engineer - .Net and Python

Madrid, Spain · Software Development & Delivery


Are you a developer with interests in ETL, data science and backend development? Join us in building and designing a new generation of tools that will change the world of open-access publishing. Working at frontiers you will help bring knowledge to the hands of everyone and your work will have an immediate effect on how science is evolving.

You will work in a small team along with other talented developers. Supported by a Scrum Master, QA and Product Owner, the team usually works in 2-week sprints. The team has recently worked on a service to detect humans in images with .NET core, python and TensorFlow, and they have delivered a Big data pipeline made with azure data lake analytics.

What you will do

  • Participate in your team's scrum process.
  • Work with your team and the data science team in order to deliver cutting edge, data driven solutions that scale.
  • Work with the data science team to test and validate apps that range from language quality checks to identifying humans in images.
  • Help the team improve their python skills.
  • Submit pull requests and discuss solutions with the team in order to share knowledge.
  • Contribute to overall software quality by writing SOLID and testable code.

Your day in the office

Developing a service that Identifies humans in images is the next story in the current sprint. This will allow us to automate manual checks in the article review process, freeing up resources that are better spent on other tasks. You assign yourself the story and call one of the members of the data science team in Switzerland and together you go over a working proof of concept that they recently completed. It’s working as expected and you quickly clear up some doubts you had. You team up with another colleague and start digging into the python code. Once you have the architecture planned out, you decided to divide the app into two containers: a python app with the actual image detection logic and another hosting a dotnet core API that oversees data validation and includes additional logic. Time flies and it's time to head out, you are happy with the progress you made.

What we are looking for

  • Minimum of 2 years in a similar role.
  • Proficient with C# and Python.
  • You hold your work to high standards.
  • You are curious and love to learn and try out new things.
  • Knowledgeable in development methods, best practices, conventions, algorithms and design patterns.
  • Eager to work with technologies like Docker, Azure data factory, Hadoop and Databricks.
  • You are not afraid to fail fast and learn from mistakes.
  • You are willing to Travel to the Frontiers' headquarters in Switzerland occasionally.
  • You have good English skills.
  • Knowledge of USQL is a plus.

What we’re offering

  • Competitive salary.
  • 25 leave days.
  • Great work-life balance.
  • An office in an awesome location.
  • Fresh fruit, snacks and coffee.
  • English classes.
  • Flexible retribution scheme (nursery cheques, restaurant pass, transportation).
  • Team building/sport activities and monthly social events.
  • Lots of opportunities to work with exciting technologies and solve challenging problems.

How to apply

Please submit your application in English.

Applicants must be Spanish or EU citizen, or have a valid Spanish work permit.

Agencies must first contact and confirm agreement to our T&C’s, failing which any exclusivity and/or candidate representation right will be considered to be waived.

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