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3rd Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2016 - Doha


Start Time:14 Nov 2016, 5:00 PM

End Time:17 Nov 2016, 5:00 PM

Where:Research Complex, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

"MEMBS Annual Congress" is the most prominent event of its kind in the region.
It brings together a diverse array of leading biologists and biomedical engineers, including professors and their trainees, from academic, clinical and pharmaceutical settings, to showcase the latest science, highlight the use of innovative and emerging technologies, explore new directions, and encourage interactions and new interdisciplinary collaborations in the exciting field of Molecular Biology.

The congress highlights the latest advances in large-scale, quantitative data collection and computational analysis in a wide array of teaching styles such as didactic lectures, group discussion sessions, hands-on workshops, scientific posters board and a large exhibition presenting latest technologies and diagnostics..
The congress provides a forum in which academia and industry can interact in order to promote translation of research toward therapy.

Through its experienced scientific and organizing committees, MEMBS works all year round in coordination with local and global organizations to hold an exceptional conference lasting for 3-4 days, each year in a city of the Middle East..
This congress attracts the scientists who shape the future of the Molecular Biology in the Middle East region.
Paper submission is available through MEMBS submission page which is managed by the professional scientific committee.

Every year, MEMBS and its scientific partners offer participants the opportunity to win one of the valuable prizes assigned for top papers.

Abdul Badi Abou Samra, Qatar Metabolic Institute, Doha, Qatar,
Saleh AlGhamdi, KAIMRC, KSAU-HS, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
RAWIAH ALSIARY, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Baraa AlhajHussein, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
Mhd Amir Maani, MEMBS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Firas Kobeissy, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, United States,
Hibah Awwad, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma city, United States.

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