Decision Neuroscience From Neurons to Societies


Start Time:23 Sep 2010

End Time:25 Sep 2010

Where:Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany

Decision neuroscience is the convergence of neuroscience and decision sciences, such as psychology, economics, and statistics. It spans a large range of sub-disciplines including, among others, animal neurophysiology, computational neuroscience, cognitive and affective neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, social neuroscience, game theory, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and psychiatry. Our goal is to bridge some of the gaps between these different disciplines. We will have six sessions centering on hot topics in decision neuroscience. The topics will include: Neurobiology of Social Learning, Decision Making and Disorders, Neuromodulation of Decision making, Threshold Adaptation in Perceptual Decision Making, Mechanistic Models of Value Based Decision Making, and Economic Decision under Risk. In these sessions we will investigate themes like the trade-off between speed and accuracy, the influence of advice on learning, or the effect of genotypes and aging on decision making from the perspective of the different disciplines. Sessions will include presentations by established scientists as well as junior researchers. We will also keep ample time for discussions.

Hauke Heekeren, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany.